How to use Unkempt in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Unkempt in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Unkempt, Unkemptly and Unkemptness.

Unkempt (adjective) means messy or shabby. It is generally used to describe a person’s scruffy hair or untidy appearance. It can also refer to anything which is disheveled, rough or not well-groomed.

Add the word unkempt to your vocabulary to suggest grubbiness or untidiness of appearance. Use it to describe a garden full of weeds which is not maintained well, crumpled shirt or a messy living room.

Unkempt: Other Grammatical Forms

Unkemptly (adverb)

Unkemptness (noun)

Unkempt in a Sentence Examples

1) You cannot go to a job interview with such unkempt hair and a shirt full of creases. You should be impeccably dressed.

2) Kids these days don’t look in the mirror before they step out. They think that being unkempt and sporting an out of bed look is cool.

3) My hairdresser told me that even unkempt hair can look good if it is done in a certain way.

4) When they both came out of the room with clothes in their hand and unkempt hair, I guessed what had happened.

5) Even though it was a bare piece of land, we decided to weed it regularly so that it wouldn’t look unkempt.

6) Real estate agents don’t tolerate unkempt gardens in the houses they’ve let out. They keep a strict watch for cleanliness.

7) Models and celebrities cannot afford to carry an unkempt appearance even for a single second because they are constantly in the public eye.

8) A lot of guys are keeping unkempt and bushy beards. It seems to be the trending look right now.

9) The review team from the head office was highly impressed. There wasn’t a single spot in the whole store which was unkempt and not up to company standards.

10) He chooses to be unkempt all the time because he wants to hide his wealth through his appearance.

Unkemptly in a Sentence Examples

1) His house is so unkemptly maintained that it is impossible to step into it without holding your nose.

2) If it wasn’t for how unkemptly you’ve been living, we would have found that missing locket by now.

3) The way in which she laid the table so unkemptly made me think that she was in desperate need for grooming school.

4) The job interviewer noticed the candidate’s unkemptly ironed blazer and refused to have any further conversation with her.

5) If this is going to be developed into a sightseeing spot, it cannot be maintained so unkemptly. The government must spend more money to beautify it.

6) She wrapped the gift very unkemptly, exposing the fact that she was a novice when it came to crafts.

7) When I saw that my beard had been unkemptly trimmed, I realized that my brand new shaver was broken.

8) She wasn’t happy with her new hairstyle because the fringes lay on her forehead very unkemptly and blocked her view.

9) The unkemptly sewn strands on the hem of her dress kept hindering her walk, because of which she eventually had a fall.

10) Your father won’t be very happy to see you so unkemptly dressed for the prestigious annual dinner that he is hosting.

Unkemptness in a Sentence Examples

1) I wonder how my daughter chose such a scruffy boyfriend for herself. She says it is his unkemptness which she finds attractive.

2) The unkemptness of the house was enough to tell me that his wife had left him months ago.

3) The city plunged into a state of unkemptness when all the council workers decided to go on a strike for a whole week.

4) The boss was appalled to see the unkemptness of the office when he returned from his long holiday.

5) Robert Pattinson is a classic example of how unkemptness can also look handsome if carried off the right way.

6) His room was the epitome of unkemptness. From dirty socks to pizza boxes, every inch of the floor was covered in filth.

7) Unkemptness was not unusual at their home. They are known to be a laid-back and chilled out couple.

8) The electoral representative was highly disappointed when he took a tour of his constituency and observed its unkemptness. In his speech, he promised to clean up the streets once and for all.

9) Even though the dish was delectable, the unkemptness of its presentation was the reason why the judges eliminated her from the cooking show.

10) The unkemptness of his apartment was unbearable. Everyone thinks that he might have a hoarding problem.

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