How to use Exemplary in a sentence

How to use Exemplary in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Exemplary, Exemplarily, Exemplariness and Exemplarity.

Exemplary Definition and Meaning with Examples

Exemplary (adjective) means ideal or model. It can be used to describe anything which is so praiseworthy that it sets an example for others.

The word exemplary also refers to something which serves as a perfect representation or illustration.

In legal terms, it can refer to a punishment, sentence or penalty which is meant to caution or warn.

Form a sentence with exemplary to express impeccability or faultlessness.

Use it to describe outstanding behavior, admirable conduct or a perfect specimen.

Exemplary: Other Grammatical Forms

Exemplarily (adverb)

Exemplariness (noun)

Exemplarity (noun)

Exemplary in a Sentence Examples

1) The event has been held to honor students who have shown exemplary behavior at school throughout the academic year.

2) My dad gave me an exemplary punishment and told me that I could face many more severe consequences if I stole from his wallet again.

3) The government may decide to introduce exemplary penalties if people don’t carry out due diligence for their taxes.

4) The way she prepared for the marathon in such a short time was nothing less than exemplary. It shows that focus and determination can get a person anywhere.

5) He has built an exemplary reputation over the years and he will do anything to safeguard it.

6) His exemplary journey is likely to be published in a book so that more people can know about it.

7) The way he helped everyone in the community without expecting anything in return was exemplary.

8) The king was not just an administrative head but also an exemplary model for the subjects of his kingdom in every way.

9) He was given an exemplary sentence by the juvenile court. Even his lawyer couldn’t do anything about it.

10) She had an exemplary tenure as the head of school. She had set the bar for her successors really high.

Exemplarily in a Sentence Examples

1) He has taken an exemplarily bold step by quitting his job and starting a business at this stage of his life.

2) The way in which she climbed the corporate ladder so fast in such a short span of time was exemplarily spectacular.

3) The essay has been exemplarily written. Its structure is perfect and it is completely free of errors.

4) For an egoistic man that he usually is, he was exemplarily humble and modest the other day.

5) The report he submitted was exemplarity accurate. It’s the kind of work that all his subordinates should be doing.

6) The film was exemplarily bold. More filmmakers need to address such sensitive issues rather than make purely entertaining movies.

7) Her strength was exemplarily outstanding. If I were in her place, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with the situation.

8) Their performance for this quarter has been exemplarily stupendous. The company should reward them for reaching their targets before time.

9) They held on to the virtues passed on by their forefathers exemplarily.

10) The decorum of the event was exemplarily maintained. Not a single person who was out of line.

Exemplariness in a Sentence Examples

1) The exemplariness of their parenting style will inspire more parents to change their stereotypes towards their kids.

2) The exemplariness of their actions and their valor was further glorified by the ode written for them.

3) The hospital is worth visiting purely because of the exemplariness of its standards and quality of its services.

4) The manufacturers were felicitated for the exemplariness with which they took up green initiatives for their community.

5) This case study has been made mandatory in exams because of its sheer exemplariness in the field of oncology.

Exemplarity in a Sentence Examples

1) People should be motivated by the exemplarity of his actions instead of criticizing him for the things he hasn’t been able to accomplish.

2) I was talking to the students about the exemplarity of dedication that they should show in their first jobs.

3) The minster lauded the exemplarity of behavior that the people of his state showed during the elections.

4) You should learn from the exemplarity of the courage that our mother shows on a daily basis, rather than be so ungrateful to her.

5) The exemplarity of his leadership has become the topic of international discussion.

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