Banal in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Banal in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Banal, Banally, Banality, Banalize, Banalized and Banalizing.

Banal: Definition and Meaning

Banal (adjective) means trivial or commonplace.

The word can be used to describe something unimaginative which has been said or done too many times.

Things that are too obvious, overused axioms or timeworn stereotypes can be termed as banal.

Add the word banal to your vocabulary by using it to express the dullness or predictability of actions, words or behaviors. Associate it with hackneyed lyrics of a song, ordinary proverbs, humdrum design, boring routine, uninteresting lecture, vapid small talk, unoriginal storyline or stock one-liners.

Banal: Other Grammatical Forms

Banally (adverb)

Banality (noun)

Banalize (verb)

Banalized (verb)

Banalizing (verb)

Banal in a Sentence Examples

1) Most of the topics covered in these seminars are very banal. That is why I have stopped attending them.

2) The song has a great rhythm and lovely melody but it is marred by banal lyrics.

3) Such an innovative project needs the fresh perspective of a new employee. The company doesn’t want the same old banal approach that the seasoned employees have been showing.

4) Don’t approach him for the project unless you want to listen to the same old banal ideas.

5) Although the photograph was beautiful it couldn’t bag an award because its subject was banal and had been shot by many other photographers before.

6) How can you expect such a banal slogan to mesmerize such an intelligent electorate? You have to come up with a new campaign idea.

7) When journalists ask banal questions they should be ready to receive banal replies.

8) The design of the building is way too banal to be associated with a name of a reputed architect like her.

9) Considering that no promotions have been given this year, don’t expect anything but banal work from your employees.

10) The teacher has an odious task of going through fifty odd banal assignments this evening.

Banally in a Sentence Examples

1) It was surprising to see how our boss banally replied to a subordinate who came up with a string of wonderful ideas.

2) The banally taken photographs were not worthy enough to find a place in the carefully curated album.

3) It was a great story but the problem lied in the fact that it was banally written.

4) All the details of the project were banally laid out in an excel sheet and emailed to everyone concerned.

5) The poem sounded boring because the rhyme was set banally. It offered no novelty in style or structure.

6) Many similar surveys were banally created and distributed without their relevance and impact being closely examined.

7) The stand-up comedian banally narrated jokes as a bored audience watched on, waiting for the show to get over.

8) The house was banally decorated for Christmas. The same decorations were used from the previous year.

9) The banally created artworks generated no interest or sales from visitors at the exhibition.

10) The song was sung so banally that even the pop star’s hardcore fans didn’t appreciate her latest offering.

Banality in a Sentence Examples

1) His life was marked by banality because he has been doing the same thing every single day since he joined his new job.

2) The lecture was packed with banality as it covered the same points that the audience probably already knew.

3) If the essay wasn’t full of banality, she would have scored an A for the way in which she explained the theory so succinctly.

4) After exchanging some conversation full of banality, the two businessmen got down to discussing the contract.

5) I cannot expect anything but banality from his assignments as he has never shown any interest in academics.

6) Her life became full of banality after her divorce. She seemed to have lost her zest and zeal for living.

7) Their lives are replete with so much banality that you would pity them and feel like offering them a free vacation.

8) The only reason why your essay didn’t get selected was because it was characterized by the kind of immature banality that was expected from a literature graduate like you.

9) He has been able to get over the banality of country life only because he moved to New York at the right time of his career.

10) We didn’t fall apart as friends because we fought but because our conversations often became fraught with banality.

Banalize in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t banalize such an important lesson by mocking your teacher’s accent and her unfortunate lisp.

2) It was petty of them to banalize a meeting called for such a grave subject by laughing at everyone.

3) Don’t banalize what your father has to say by making funny faces behind his back when he’s not looking.

4) Teachers should not use their discretion and banalize any aspect of the syllabus especially in subjects like cultural studies and history.

5) It is in the hands of parents to teach their children not to banalize things that might be sensitive for other people.

Banalized in a Sentence Examples

1) The interview was banalized by the animated cartoon characters that kept springing up on the side of the screen as a part of the channel’s new advertisement campaign.

2) They might have successfully banalized the issue but I will ensure that attention is drawn to it once again.

3) By missing out on some of the most important details of the war, the movie completely banalized the most important period in our history.

4) The statesman banalized his speech by saying the same things that he said the previous year.

5) She had to eventually call off their relationship because her boyfriend banalized all his promises to her and she was sick of it.

Banalizing in a Sentence Examples

1) While the mainstream media was busy banalizing the election with cartoon characters of politicians, editors of independent publications were out there getting the real stories.

2) Instead of banalizing the song with conventional percussions, I suggest you use different instruments altogether.

3) If you are writing a biography, you cannot afford to be opinionated about your subject and resort to banalizing even the smallest detail.

4) News channels resort to banalizing stories and showing the same content in different ways when they have no other breaking news pieces to flash.

5) Thankfully they haven’t yet gone to the extent of banalizing religious sentiments in the lyrics of their so-called rebellious songs.

More examples of Banal Sentence

  • Even after introducing a whole lot of new characters, the new Batman versus Superman movie was banal to the core. There was hardly any form of entertainment that one could derive from that movie.
  • It was the same old banal speech by the manager year after year on the commemorative event. This is the main reason as to why it was rarely attended by the old employees.
  • The conversation was banal, and it led to a lot of people yawning and frowning throughout the incident.
  • How do girls enjoy the banal movies that are otherwise masqueraded as a romantic?
  • The jokes that one would normally find over the Internet are banal, and do not have any kind of surprising factor.
  • Although you may have gone through a wonderful tune in your mind, the lyrics seem to be
  • The life story of the actor is extremely banal, and to the point that you would drop dead just by having the go through the boredom of it.

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