How to use Remorse in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Remorse in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Remorse, Remorseful, Remorsefully and Remorsefulness.

Remorse Definition and Meaning with Examples

Remorse (noun) means guilt or repentance. It refers to the feeling of shame, sorrow or regret that occurs after doing something wrong or hurting someone.

The word remorse can be used to describe self-reproach and atonement. It refers to a guilty conscience.

Form a sentence with remorse to suggest the feeling of distress over doing something wrong.

Feeling guilty on stealing someone’s ideas, wishing that you didn’t lie to your parents or apologizing after hurting someone is called being remorseful.

Remorse: Other Grammatical Forms

Remorseful (adjective)

Remorseful (adverb)

Remorsefulness (noun)

Remorse in a Sentence Examples

1) She had a lot of remorse in her heart but she couldn’t find the right words to express her feelings.

2) When I heard the remorse in her voice over the phone, I realized that she was truly repenting for what she had done.

3) The burglars turned out to be thick-skinned. They showed no remorse for their wrongdoings whatsoever.

4) Showing remorse doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up. You can do it with a simple, heartfelt sorry.

5) Even after explaining so many things to me, he has remained adamant and has shown no remorse whatsoever.

6) If you can show no remorse for what has happened, I cannot befriend you or help you in any way.

7) It was only after he showed remorse and accepted his mistake that his girlfriend started talking to him again.

8) Forget remorse, he is behaving as if nothing has happened at all.

9) Without showing a single ounce of remorse, he asked his wife for a divorce after cheating on her with another woman.

10) The accused showed remorse and accepted his fault just before stepping inside the court for the hearing. Thankfully, the matter was put to rest without much ado.

Remorseful in a Sentence Examples

1) Even if you are not genuinely remorseful, just say sorry for the sake of it and close the chapter.

2) If you notice that your son is remorseful about something, help him to open up about his feelings of guilt.

3) The kind of poetry he wrote was very remorseful and dark. He included a lot of autobiographical elements in his verse.

4) She felt very remorseful about fighting with her father just before the day he died.

5) Every time life made him realize that his mother’s teachings were true, he felt increasingly remorseful about being her bad son.

6) Since they are not even vaguely remorseful about what they have done, we shall not be hospitable to them henceforth.

7) My father went to see my teacher and apologized on my behalf. He said that he was remorseful for my actions and that I should be given the harshest punishment.

8) I am remorseful for what I did, I have given a written apology and I have vowed never to say those words again. I cannot to anything more to convince you that I am a changed man.

9) No matter how remorseful you are about lying, your wife is never going to trust you again.

10) I was so remorseful and morose after my breakup that nothing in the world could cheer me up. Not even my cat’s crazy antics.

Remorsefully in a Sentence Examples

1) She spoke to him over the phone remorsefully and apologized for making the blunder that she did.

2) My mother spoke to my father remorsefully after fighting with him over the petty matter. She promised him that it would never happen again.

3) I told my father remorsefully that I would never tell him a white lie again, even if I knew that it was harmless.

4) You can’t expect a child to behave remorsefully after he does something naughty.

5) He is talking to you remorsefully and pretending to be sad only because he wants to get his work done.

Remorsefulness in a Sentence Examples

1) If you don’t show your remorsefulness to your mother, she will never realize that you are sorry for what you did.

2) He was unabashed in his manner, showing no remorsefulness for the ruckus he created in the party the previous night.

3) My remorsefulness would know no bounds if I committed the heinous crime hurting anybody in an accident, even if it was unintentional.

4) Drowning yourself in remorsefulness is not going to help. Act upon it and do things that will help you to make up for your mistake.

5) My boss says that there is no space for remorsefulness in business because there is no space for errors in the first place.

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