How to Use Disposition in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Disposition in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Disposition.

Disposition Definition and Meaning with Examples

Disposition (noun) has many meanings and can be used in multiple ways. It is most commonly used to describe a mental makeup or temperament.

Disposition can be used to describe someone’s mood, mentality or nature. For example, women going through hormonal changes tend to have varying and extreme dispositions.

Disposition can refer to the tendency or natural bent of a person towards something. For example, if a teacher has a disposition to favor rich students, she is an unjust teacher.

Disposition means positioning or arrangement in relation to something else. For example, the army chief’s job is to review the disposition of the battalion. Similarly, the disposition of a bar in a hotel is critical.

Disposition can be used to describe something being at the disposal of someone. For example, if the school’s administration was at my disposition, I would declare a holiday every day.

Disposition: Other Grammatical Forms


Disposition in a Sentence Examples (Meaning: Temperament, mood)

1) Judge her disposition and then pitch the campaign to her. If she is happy, she will immediately approve it.

2) She lost her husband unexpectedly, but she managed to maintain a cordial disposition at his funeral.

3) The reason she has scaled such great heights in business is because she has the ability to change her disposition as per the situation.

4) If you have a jittery disposition, I suggest you don’t take this crazy roller coaster ride.

5) If he decides to turn evil and vicarious, he can wear the disposition of a heinous devil. Try to not ruffle his feathers unnecessarily.

6) It takes two minutes to change my father’s disposition from calm to angry. All I need to do is compliment my boyfriend in front of him.

7) My manager’s disposition is usually calm, but he seems to be somewhat disoriented today. Something is bothering him.

8) Horror movies are not meant to be watched by kids and other people with a mentally weak disposition.

9) During a crisis, having someone with an optimistic disposition helps rather than having someone who says that the crisis is ominous of worse things to come.

10) All I want you to do is to bring a jubilant disposition to the project. If we are all happy, we will be able to finish our work faster.

11) Your pessimistic disposition towards everything in life isn’t going to help your career prospects. No one wants to work with a negative person.

12) The production designer was scouting for an abandoned hotel with an eerie disposition for the shoot of a psychological thriller.

13) My cat surprisingly has a friendly disposition unlike other felines who are generally nonchalant.

14) Her bitter divorce had a heavy impact on her disposition. She is no longer the cheery and optimistic woman that she once was.

15) I hope my boss has a forgiving disposition today. I’ve already incurred his wrath by losing a deal.

Disposition in a Sentence Examples (Meaning: Inclination, tendency)

1) The only reason why we are worried about our son having high cholesterol is because he has a hereditary disposition for heart troubles.

2) He has a general disposition to forgive people even if they’ve made some serious mistakes. I cannot hire such a man for the post of CFO.

3) My boss has a disposition to pick ideas that are easy on the pocket. He doesn’t show much affinity towards flamboyant campaigns.

4) My manager has a disposition for stubbornness and arrogance every time her ideas don’t get accepted over someone else’s.

5) A broken bone will have the disposition to lose more strength if it is not given enough support through a plaster.

6) His disposition to constantly find faults with others has earned him the ire of his colleagues.

7) My laptop has a disposition to freeze up every time I am doing something important.

8) My ex-boyfriend’s disposition to be doubtful about all his relationships made me realize that he would never make me happy.

9) People’s disposition to support a politician who is a good orator is very common.

10) My parents have a disposition to associate high allowances to bad grades. They think that more money will spoil me and consequently, I will get bad grades.

Disposition in a Sentence Examples (Meaning: Positioning)

1) I was happy with all the elements that my architect used in our new house, barring the disposition of the kitchen island.

2) The director was busy discussing the disposition of the actors and the props with the executive producer.

3) The company’s disposition on the negotiation was quite clear. The management was in no mood to sell its assets off for less than market value.

4) The antique table’s carefully planned disposition enhanced the room’s vintage appeal.

5) The newspapers outlined the disposition of the border security forces of the country so that all the citizens would feel reassured.

Disposition in a Sentence Examples (Meaning: At disposal)

1) Leaving this decision to his disposition is not a good idea. He is still a novice and he does not have the experience for it.

2) The state is not stupid to leave such important and confidential documents as the disposition of its employees.

3) I am not sure if I should leave my infant son at the disposition of the babysitter who is not too experienced.

4) He felt very powerful because all the money was at his disposal and his boss gave him a free reign to do whatever he wanted to.

5) She had all the resources at her disposition but she let it go to waste by leading an extravagant life.

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