Hysterical in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Hysterical in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Hysterical, Hysterically and Hysteria.

Hysterical Definition and Meaning with Examples

Hysterical (adjective) means frenzied or neurotic. It can be used to describe a person who becomes overly emotional. This includes being extremely happy, sad, frustrated, maniacal, upset or panicked.

Hysteria is a psychological condition in which emotions become uncontrollable. The word hysterical can be used to describe a person whose emotions are all over the place and cannot be restrained.

The informal and more popular use of the word hysterical suggests something which is hilarious.

Create a sentence with the word hysterical to describe the state of having irrepressible emotions.

A crowd that goes wild on seeing their favorite singer appear on stage, jokes that are extremely funny or a mother who cries wildly on the unexpected death of her son can be called hysterical.

Hysterical: Other Grammatical Forms

Hysterically (adverb)

Hysteria (noun)

Hysterical in a Sentence Examples

1) I became hysterical when my horse didn’t win the race. I lost of ton of money.

2) I was hysterical when I accidentally bumped into my favorite actress at the airport. It was a dream come true.

3) When my father came to know that I had been stealing money from his wallet clandestinely since the past nine months, he became hysterical.

4) She became hysterical on seeing the dead body of her pet cat when she returned from work. In a fit of rage, she called the cops.

5) My father will be hysterical when I tell him that I have secured admission in the country’s best art college.

6) She was hysterical on knowing from his son’s teacher that he hadn’t reached school this morning.

7) The film critic strongly recommended the movie to everyone, stating that it was the most hysterical comedy he had ever seen.

8) When the name of the beauty pageant winner will be announced, the crowds will be hysterical.

9) The video of the cat running around the toy mouse went viral because it was hysterical and totally adorable.

10) Parents are bound to get hysterical if something unfortunate happens to their kids.

  • The joke was so hysterical that people were found to be rolling on the floor laughing out loud.
  • There is always a hysterical sense in how 4 July pans out for the American people. Fireworks, festivals and a lot of other events certainly help people realize the bonhomie between the people.
  • If you have a hysterical wife, you truly realize what it is to live with your enemy.
  • When you make a hysterical mistake, it is either funny or it happens to be extremely sad, depending upon the person viewing it.
  • When the terrorist took on the job of the rising people, it was mainly through a lot of hysterical attacks that they had been able to create a dent in the sense of security amongst people.
  • When you are faced with danger, it is very important for you to not become hysterical and think about it in a calm manner.

Hysterically in a Sentence Examples

1) The audience laughed hysterically. It was the best comic act ever.

2) They laughed and cried simultaneously and hysterically when they came to know that they had won a million dollar lottery.

3) She yelled hysterically when she saw a snake under her couch. It was just a few inches away from her feet.

4) She reacted hysterically when he got down on his knees and proposed to her. It was a shock and surprise for her.

5) Customers would behave hysterically if they were to find out one day that the bank was misusing their personal funds.

6) The woman sitting next to him on the bus suddenly started crying hysterically. He was at a total loss of words and didn’t know how to pacify her.

7) People reacted hysterically when the weather authorities announced that a storm was approaching and the city had to be evacuated.

8) Instead of reacting hysterically during disasters, people should cooperate with government authorities.

9) The commentator spoke hysterically as his favorite team inched closer to the big win.

10) They laughed so hysterically that their stomachs started hurting after a while.

Hysteria in a Sentence Examples

1) The psychiatrist says that my father is suffering from hysteria but I don’t agree. I just think he is going through an extreme emotional upheaval.

2) My mother will be under a spell of hysteria if I tell her that I have decided to marry. She will not be expecting this in the least.

3) The cops had to be to control the hysteria among fans. The crowd had gone crazy.

4) Total hysteria unfurled in the stadium after the protestors were driven away by tear gas and water cannons.

5) There is going to be hysteria all over the place if the politician does not consider people’s sentiments while addressing them in his speech.

6) The book was about a man suffering from hysteria and all the crazy things he did until he died. It made for a colorful read.

7) Medical practitioners are still trying to find out what causes hysteria and other such psychological conditions.

8) My house was swamped with hysteria. My mother was terribly upset about my grandmother’s untimely death and my father was admitted to the hospital.

9) They hysteria in the journalist’s description about the aftermath of the riots was palpable. The political situation had become extremely precarious.

10) Crowds thronging the sacred site, dancing until midnight and shopping from floating markets – it is part festival, part hysteria.

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