How to use Judicious in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Judicious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Judicious, Judiciously and Judiciousness.

Judicious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Judicious (adjective) means sensible or wise. It can be used to describe a person who is prudent and rational.

The word judicious refers to the quality of having a balanced view, common sense, good judgment, practicality or discretion in all matters.

Use judicious to suggest sagacity or insightfulness. Any decision which is well-thought and duly considered can be called judicious.

A sensible use of wealth, good decision making skills, practical approach towards using resources or discerning use of words speak of judiciousness in a person.

Judicious: Other Grammatical Forms

Judiciously (adverb)

Judiciousness (noun)

Judicious in a Sentence Examples

1) There is a fine line between being judicious about your money and coming across as a cheapskate.

2) The boss liked her because she of her judicious decision making skills. Her track record is almost perfect.

3) Everyone was surprised that the management chose someone so irresponsible like him to head the department. He was anything but judicious when it came to managing people.

4) While it sounds boring to be judicious with money, it always pays off in the long run.

5) Use your words in a judicious way so that you don’t regret them later. This applies especially when you are angry.

6) I want to teach my child to be judicious in all situations. I don’t want him to ever think that our money is going to last him all his life.

7) He made a judicious use of strong words in his speech because he knew that he could offend many people in the crowd.

8) Between the two sisters, everyone always saw her as the one who was more judicious and mature even though she was younger.

9) Be judicious when you go out for Friday night drinks with your work colleagues. Embarrassing mistakes may affect your relationships in the office negatively.

10) Love is supposed to be impulsive and exciting. Don’t ruin your relationship by being judicious about the way you act and behave with your partner.

Judiciously in a Sentence Examples

1) I do my online shopping extremely judiciously. I make a purchase only after reading all product reviews thoroughly.

2) He has planned to use his money judiciously despite becoming an overnight millionaire after winning the lottery.

3) His girlfriend chose her words judiciously while breaking up with him because she didn’t want him to feel heartbroken and betrayed.

4) Parents must teach their kids to use social media judiciously because there is no controlling how many times a photograph can be shared once it is out there on the internet.

5) The key to making money in the stock market is to take risks, but judiciously. Educate yourself about a company’s business operations and past dividend history before investing in it.

6) The mother judiciously decided not to buy a toy for her son because she knew that she would then have to buy something for her daughter too.

7) Even though he inherited a lot of money from his grandfather, the wealth didn’t go to his head. He used all the money very judiciously.

8) If you invest your money judiciously right now, you will be able to secure your retirement and lead a comfortable life.

9) If the country doesn’t use its recourses judiciously, it will be forced to rely heavily on imports in the decades to come.

10) Everyone took shelter indoors and used their stocked groceries judiciously. They expected widespread power outages while the storm continued.

Judiciousness in a Sentence Examples

1) Judiciousness is a must-have trait if you want to become a good accountant.

2) A good businessman’s decisions are based on judiciousness and foresight rather than hunches and emotions.

3) He exercises judiciousness in all his endeavors. That is why he has a reputation of being so reliable.

4) It was important for him to use his judiciousness while deciding how much he would spend for the wedding.

5) The judiciousness with which our forefathers used the resources of the planet has ensured that there’s something left for us too.

6) The leader’s brave decision to hold back on attacking the enemy was a prime example of judiciousness. Ultimately, the two forces signed a peace treaty.

7) I’m glad that judiciousness prevailed during the negotiations. The deal was in the interests of both companies.

8) The world leaders must exercise judiciousness while addressing climate change issues. The earth’s natural resources can no longer be taken for granted.

9) The chef’s judiciousness with spices is what I loved the most. I am not too fond of curries that are too spicy.

10) Nothing can match the judiciousness displayed by the soldier. The video showed his ability to remain amazingly calm and collected while the attack was in full swing.

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