How to use Intricate in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Intricate in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Intricate, Intricately, Intricacy and Intricateness.

Intricate Definition and Meaning with Examples

What does intricate mean? It means something that is complex, extremely complicated to understand for any amateur in that stream.

Intricate (adjective) means complex, elaborate or difficult. It can be used to describe the tangled or winding nature or something. The word intricate can have a positive and negative connotation, depending on how it is used in a sentence.

Add the word intricate to your vocabulary to suggest something extremely detailed. Associate it with a complicated contract, elaborate pattern on a fabric, entangled issue, obscure design, fine craftsmanship or incomprehensible laws.

Intricate: Other Grammatical Forms

Intricately (adverb)

Intricacy (noun)

Intricateness (noun)

Another word for Intricate



Intricate in a Sentence Examples

1) The car’s intricate detailing sets it apart from other luxury automobile brands. Most of the interiors are handcrafted and even the exteriors are customized as per the customer’s choices.

2) The intricate artwork broke all records at the auction house. No one saw it fetching such big dollars.

3) Modern architecture is an intricate mix of art, technology and science. Best practices happen when good design is paired with sustainable use of materials and technology.

4) The programmers worked overtime to sort out the intricate problems in the software’s code.  Frequent coffee runs kept them going until they finally managed to fix all the issues.

5) The intricate dental procedure cost him a lot of money and it wasn’t covered by the private health insurance policy that he had taken the previous year.

6) My sister took photography classes because she wanted to learn the subject in intricate detail.

7) The more intricate the design of your tattoo, the more expensive it is going to be.

8) Detailed planning is good but don’t make it so intricate that no one can understand it. Keep it accessible to everyone.

9) The print was too intricate to recreate easily. We had to look for another design that was simpler and easier to copy.

10) The intricate terms and conditions are usually given in fine print but are extremely important to go through.

  • Unless you have an intricate understanding of the black hole theory, it is important for you to revise and keep on at this theorem till you get it right.
  • There are many people that spend a few months in order to solve an intricate puzzle.
  • Just a simple look at the intricate design and the designer knew that he had a big task cut out for him.
  • The wedding had a lot of intricate decorations, and without the right person to pull it off, it would have been a disaster.
  • Intricate planning is required for you to enjoy your travel to various places in the world. Without it, you’re only going to be stuck in some place.
  • The board game was pretty intricate; it required a lot of precision as well as understanding.
  • The intricate nature of the human body makes it pretty difficult for people without any medical knowledge to find the true problem behind pain in their body.

Intricately in a Sentence Examples

1) The indigenous tribe was known for its intricate weaving skills that have been passed down from one generation to the next.

2) Even though football is all about strength and stamina, intricate and intelligent game plans can mean the difference between a win and a loss.

3) Real entrepreneurs don’t allow setbacks to stop them no matter how large or how intricate they are. They strive to find solutions rather than complain about the problems.

4) The intricately embedded clauses in insurance policies can be very confusing for a lay person to understand.

5) The diagram is drawn intricately but if it is too small for the teacher to read, it may not be graded at all.

6) The Michelin star chef intricately laid the food on the plate as if it was a piece of art.

7) The security arrangements were intricately reviewed by the senior most officers in the government before the President’s arrival in the city.

8) The magician intricately planned his newest trick to ensure safety because it involved swords and daggers.

9) The only way to ensure a flawless implementation of the entire project is to intricately plan all the steps to the very last detail.

10) Presentations must be reviewed intricately before being submitted to my boss because he is a perfectionist and cannot tolerate any mistakes.

Intricacy in a Sentence Examples

1) The beauty of the sculpture lies in its intricacy. The artist must have spent countless hours chipping away on the wood to create the masterpiece.

2) The jury could not pass a verdict due to the intricacy of the case. The court demanded more time to review before passing a judgment.

3) The archaeologists were confused by the intricacy of the newly discovered ruins. It was hard to believe how people in an ancient era envisaged such a modern structure.

4) The intricacy of managing life in the space station is not something that astronauts are taught overnight. Potential candidates are under constant training and supervision for over 6 months before they are sent to space.

5) The intricacy of the machinery made it very expensive to repair.

Intricateness in a Sentence Examples

1) The intricateness of the pattern and its embroidery made the blouse look beautiful. I knew it would look stunning on my daughter.

2) The intricateness of the weaving made me realize why the craftsmen were compensated so handsomely.

3) The intricateness with which the stone was chiseled made it worthy of many awards and accolades.

4) The manger quoted an exorbitant rate to his client because the project dealt with a great deal of intricateness.

5) The newly released online game became instantly unpopular because of two reasons – its uninteresting graphics and the intricateness of its rules.

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