How to use Aftermath in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Aftermath in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Aftermath.

Aftermath Definition and Meaning with Examples

Aftermath (noun) means outcome or consequence. It refers to a negative result that follows a disastrous or unpleasant circumstance.

Aftermath can also be used to describe the period that follows an unfortunate event.

In context of agriculture, it refers to new grass that grows after mowing or harvest. It also describes the second crop that grows in the same season.

Use the word aftermath to suggest the end result of a devastating event or a nasty situation.

Aftermath is commonly used to describe the backlash or ill effects of a catastrophe. This includes war, earthquake, economic depression and famine among others.

Aftermath: Other Grammatical Forms


Aftermath in a Sentence Examples

1) Everyone keeps talking about the aftermath of the war, but no one really does anything about it.

2) He couldn’t deal with the emotional aftermath of being dumped by his girlfriend. His grades started tumbling and he lost interest in taking part in all other group activities.

3) It was not the accident that was the bigger part of the problem but its legal aftermath which posed a bigger quandary.

4) If you keep thinking about the aftermath of talking back to your boss, you will never be able to raise your voice against him.

5) I am dealing with the aftermath of the accident caused by my daughter’s drunken driving. People who know about the incident keep giving me those awkward stares.

6) The government was finding it difficult to provide adequate funds to the drought-ridden state for dealing with the food crisis.

7) Witnessing the aftermath of war and the destruction caused by nuclear weapons in his country brought him to tears.

8) Even though much media coverage regarding the aftermath of the floods was sent abroad, the international community provided no help.

9) It will take a lot of patience and determination to recover from the aftermath of the monumental losses that the company has faced.

10) We are too busy dealing with the aftermath of the recent muggings in our neighborhood. We have to take measures to keep our children safe.

11) The newspapers of this country are going to be busy covering the aftermath of the earthquake for the next few weeks.

12) Many films have been made on the subject of the aftermath of the economic recession of 1929. It is a topic that has been done to death.

13) The politicians were worried about the aftermath of the changes they brought about in the policy. They were anxious about losing votes.

14) The book profoundly outlines the devastating changes brought about by the monarchy and its aftermath.

15) The doctors closely guided and advised the cancer patient on how to deal with the aftermath of radiation therapy.

16) They are concerned about the aftermath of the fire. They suspect the premises to have borne colossal damage.

17) He could not bear seeing his name maligned in the aftermath of the scandal, which is why he decided to flee the country.

18) No one expected the aftermath of the protests to be so severe and prolonged. Everyone thought that the matter would end in a short while.

19) The city was not equipped to deal with the aftermath of evacuation and mobilization that followed the natural disaster.

20) While no one was killed or injured when a man went on a shooting rampage, there was a heavy psychological aftermath of the event on the local community. It left everyone shocked.

21) Widespread unemployment was the aftermath of the tumultuous economic scenario in the country.

22) The social network had never anticipated such a nasty online attack on its servers. Its staff worked overtime to contain the aftermath of stolen passwords and hacked accounts.

23) She couldn’t deal with the aftermath of her traumatic divorce. The stress of working full-time along with raising children singlehandedly drove her into a state of depression.

24) The leaders of the country heaved a sigh of relief as the war finally came to an end. But what they didn’t expect was the disastrous aftermath of mass displacement of population and poverty.

25) The family was entangled in the aftermath of taking on more debt than they could repay.

26) An unprecedented community spirit was one of the positive highlights of the aftermath of the natural disaster. Everyone joined hands and contributed towards rebuilding the town.

27) My son was arrested in a drug racket yesterday. Now I have the onerous task of dealing with its aftermath.

28) Losing all the pounds I’ve put on while gorging on food has been an unwanted aftermath of the holiday season.

29) All the expert commentators had predicted a chaotic political aftermath to the government’s new policies. However, they were all proven wrong after the changes were positively accepted by the public.

30) The aftermath of the stock market crash saw many big brokerage firms close down. Thousands of workers in the financial sector were left jobless.

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