How to use Quotidian in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Quotidian in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Quotidian.

Quotidian (adjective) means ordinary, commonplace or regular. It can be used to describe anything which is marked by mundanity because of its everyday occurrence. It also refers to a thing, person or behavior that rouses no inspiration or excitement.

Add the word quotidian to your vocabulary by using it to express anything which is pedestrian or dull. Associate it with a boring train commute, insipid writing style, everyday chores, run-of-the-mill story, humdrum routine or nondescript details. In most cases, the word quotidian carries a negative connotation.

Quotidian: Other Grammatical Forms


Quotidian in a Sentence Examples

1) The first few chapters of the book were amazing, but the rest of it was vapid – an archive of quotidian details.

2) Our teacher asked us to avoid using quotidian phrases and words in our essay. She wanted us to flaunt the best of our vocabulary.

3) It was the quotidian description of our products and services that irked my boss. After all, he had paid tons of money to the advertising agency to create the infomercial.

4) I was sick of eating quotidian food in the motel over my mother’s home-made meals.

5) Considering the quotidian design and the secluded location of the building, we wondered why the builders were asking for such a hefty price.

6) HR is not going to look into your quotidian problems. You won’t be able to get their attention until you are in some real trouble with the company.

7) It was his quotidian life which was smothering his creativity and freedom. That is why he wanted to move to New York and spice things up a bit.

8) It was the quotidian writing style of the author that kept the book from being a bestseller. Otherwise, the story and theme were brilliant.

9) The quotidian description of the food was the reason many customers were turning away from the expensive restaurant and settling for something which was more value for money.

10) His quotidian undergraduate qualification could be the reason for not being able to bag the job.

11) My friend gave me an eclectic playlist for my iPod so that it would be easier for me to pass time on my quotidian bus journey to work.

12) When I was young, I thought that my mother lived a quotidian life. But when I grew up, I realized the importance of everything she did, no matter how banal it appeared.

13) Writing about my life in my personal diary seems redundant because I don’t think my quotidian days were worth writing about.

14) There wasn’t much meat left in our relationship because the only things we talked about on the phone were the quotidian nitty-gritties of our lives.

15) The event manager made tall claims but ensured only quotidian arrangements for her wedding. We were expecting much more out of them.

16) Wearing quotidian clothes and a forgettable hat, she walked about the streets hoping to catch someone’s attention but in vain.

17) Although he was getting a good salary working at a prestigious company, he felt that it was this very element which was making him succumb to a quotidian life.

18) The top management asked the team to refine the wordings of the press statement as it was sounding extremely quotidian.

19) They eventually decided to see a specialist because their son had a quotidian fever and this indicated that something was drastically wrong.

20) The book described the quotidian struggles of the common man and how he always remained a victim of the government’s fluctuating policies.

21) The quotidian title of the book was the culprit in making it go unnoticed on the shelves of the biggest bookstore of the city.

22) Too caught up in following quotidian issues of the company, she has no idea about what the top brass of the company is thinking.

23) Extremely simple and quotidian, the condition of my neighbor’s house reflected his economic status clearly.

24) The journalist’s quotidian reporting style made the article come across as pallid in comparison to the coverage given by rival publications.

25) It was surprising to see that the adventure sports group had very quotidian requirements for aspiring trekkers to join them. I was expecting stringent health and fitness prerequisites.

26) The form required me to answer quotidian questions about my grades, what I wanted to do in the future, my hobbies, passions, so on and so forth.

27) She has been hailed as a brilliant reporter because her analysis for every political event is anything but quotidian.

28) She speaks in such a way that even a quotidian issue sounds interesting and poignant.

29) The subject of the documentary was extraordinary but the treatment was extremely quotidian.

30) They charge a lot of money for designing personal holidays that turn out to be quite quotidian.

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