Pandemonium in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Pandemonium in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Pandemonium.

Pandemonium: Definition and Meaning

Pandemonium (noun) means chaos, anarchy or confusion.

The word finds its origins in classical poet John Milton’s Paradise Lost where it described the home of demons. Its meaning has been morphed to express noisy tumult or wild uproar.

Add the word pandemonium to your vocabulary to suggest a big hue and cry or commotion made about anything. Associate it with a stampede of fans in a stadium, the simultaneous wailing of five infants, craziness of mischievous teenagers or a state of ruckus in a city caused by an earthquake.

Pandemonium: Other Grammatical Forms


Pandemonium in a Sentence Examples

1) Seeing the sluggish manner in which the preparations were going on, I knew that there was going to be complete pandemonium and no one would be able to control the situation.

2) As long as the kids are at home, don’t expect anything but pandemonium unless you can keep them busy.

3) Someone in the theater smelled smoke and yelled that the place had caught fire. As you can expect, utter pandemonium followed.

4) Three bathrooms in my house are getting refurbished and I have just delivered my second child. It’s pandemonium.

5) Everybody at the party decided to get drunk by taking tequila shots and the pandemonium that followed was captured well in embarrassing photographs.

6) He knew that telling his girlfriend about his desire to breakup would lead to an emotional trauma and psychological pandemonium.

7) There was pandemonium in the auditorium as all the fans climbed on top of each other to get their favorite actor’s photograph.

8) Sundays unleash total pandemonium at our house because all our aunts and uncles invariably descend for dinner.

9) Our holiday was filled with pandemonium because my husband’s suitcase got lost and one of my children got the flu.

10) Once the fans found out the tickets were sold out, there was pandemonium. They demanded aisle seating from the stadium’s administration.

11) The music teacher often found herself in a state of pandemonium because all the kids tried to play different instruments simultaneously.

12) The political pandemonium created after he unexpectedly abdicated his post became more and more uncontrollable as protests erupted all over the city.

13) The pandemonium came to a halt only after their father came back home from work and announced that all the kids would get candy if they behaved well.

14) The pandemonium on the street was caused by the rumor that there was a ghost lurking behind the bushes.

15) There was pandemonium at the airport as the hoarse voice on the microphone blurted out that the airport should be evacuated.

16) Pandemonium was created by the media who surrounded him to question him regarding the controversial case that he was handling.

17) The match has been won with an unprecedented score and there’s pandemonium in the stadium.

18) Pandemonium was unleashed when a rabid dog was let loose in the park. Parents ran in all directions to gather their children.

19) The confusion about the decision taken in the last board meeting may cause pandemonium in the long-term.

20) My sister is so inefficient that she unleashes pandemonium in her house every time that she has more than two or three chores on hand.

21) Amidst all the pandemonium that broke loose because the exams were indefinitely delayed, I tried to scream and find my son.

22) The meeting was in a state of pandemonium because no consensus was being reached and precious time was ticking away.

23) The actor forgot his line, the background score became discordant and the whole sequence went for a toss – there was pandemonium on stage.

24) The pandemonium was unbearable because too many people were shouting at the top of their voices, trying to make themselves heard.

25) The pandemonium died down much faster than expected thanks to the relief measures provided by the government in the nick of time.

26) The same people who have been causing pandemonium over inflation have become the reasons for price rise in this country.

27) My life was in pandemonium when I was in a relationship with a mentally unstable girl. Thank God it’s all over now.

28) Under the reign of that despotic king, the entire kingdom was in a state of pandemonium.

29) The kids were so happy with a week of unexpected holidays that they started throwing their food at each other out of sheer joy. There was pandemonium at school.

30) The riots not only created pandemonium in the streets of the city, but also in our lives. We remained displaced and unemployed for months after.

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