How to use Multifarious in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Multifarious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Multifarious, Multifariously and Multifariousness.

Multifarious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Multifarious (adjective) means varied or diverse. It can be used to describe anything which is numerous, multiple or assorted.

The word multifarious can refer to numbers in the qualitative or quantitative sense. It can also describe anything which is multifaceted or heterogeneous.

Use multifarious to suggest variety multiple numbers, assorted items or eclectic diversity.

A table which can be converted into a shoe rack, wide variety of activities for kids at school and miscellaneous collection of items can be called multifarious.

Multifarious: Other Grammatical Forms

Multifariously (adverb)

Multifariousness (noun)

Multifarious in a Sentence Examples

1) As a manager, I have to deal with a variety of people and their multifarious idiosyncrasies.

2) You can approach this subject in multifarious ways. You can either view it conservatively or be a little experimental.

3) We have been asked to take care of the multifarious sides of this project so that it goes ahead without a glitch.

4) I have to study multifarious policies before I can give a final opinion on where you should invest.

5) The seminar covered multifarious topics regarding investment. It was a golden opportunity to hear experts from all corners of the world.

6) After conducting multifarious tests, the government decided that the group of foreigners who arrived at the airport should not be quarantined.

7) His life will make wonderful material for a biography because he has led a colorful and multifarious life.

8) My parents had a hard time selecting a hotel from the multifarious options they had sourced from the internet.

9) Kids in my class come from multifarious backgrounds. It’s great to know about their ethnicities.

10) The accountant spent his day classifying and sorting multifarious expenses.

Multifariously in a Sentence Examples

1) She is multifariously capable and has the ability to finish a variety of tasks herself.

2) The question was multifariously answered by the professor. He gave a wonderful explanation with varied examples.

3) She multifariously approached the problem and sought creative solutions instead of trying to crack it the traditional way.

4) We tried to view the problem multifariously to get different insights. We thought that having different approaches might put us in a better place to solve the problem.

5) This is an innovatively designed chair which can be multifariously used. It can be converted into a dinner table and a small study desk.

6) The text is so vaguely represented that it can be understood multifariously.

7) He has lived his life multifariously. From a small-time Hollywood actor to waiting tables, he has done it all.

8) The professor spoke multifariously on all kinds of topics. It was nice to see how he could hold a conversation on subjects other than his own specialization.

9) It is one thing to be multifariously talented and another thing to be able to monetize it and make a living.

10) She opined multifariously, exhibiting her knowledge and wide experience on the topic.

Multifariousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The multifariousness of his talents has surprised everybody. No one knew that he could do so many things.

2) The multifariousness of issues that I face on an everyday basis is baffling. It’s impossible to deal with so many things at once.

3) Her gallery is the best in the city because of the multifariousness of the works she stocks from artists around the world.

4) The multifariousness of activities available for kids at schools is amazing. Gone are the days when students were expected to focus purely on academics.

5) The multifariousness of our CSR initiatives won us the award for being the best company last year.

6) The multifariousness of his career has been the subject of many articles and write-ups by journalists.

7) It was the multifariousness of the task which made it so challenging.

8) The multifariousness of causes that bring about climate change is still unknown to scientists and geologists.

9) My son wants to study filmmaking because of the multifariousness of elements involved in it.

10) If you are the kind of person who can deal with the complexity and multifariousness of this assignment, I will gladly hand it over to you.

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