How to use Adamant in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Adamant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Adamant, Adamantly and Adamance.

Adamant (adjective) means unwavering or strong-headed. Its literal meaning refers to a hard stone-like substance which cannot be altered easily. The more commonly used meaning is derived from this and refers to a person who is determined to remain inflexible about something once their mind is made up. It can describe the obstinacy, tenacity and inflexibility in resolve, purpose, opinion, decision or any other kind of determination.

Form a sentence with the word adamant to suggest the unyieldingness or stubbornness of a person. Associate it with a person who refuses to listen at any cost, vehementlydenies allegations or sticks to an opinion rigidly. The word adamant can bear a negative or positive connotation.

Adamant: Other Grammatical Forms

Adamantly (adverb)

Adamance (noun)

Adamant in a Sentence Examples  

1) Although I told my daughter that she could not go to eat ice cream at two in the night, she was adamant about it.

2) She was the most adamant girl in class. If she wanted something, she would become headstrong and made sure she got it.

3) The principal was adamant in her decision of giving the errant student the harshest of punishments.

4) He was granted all his wishes on his birthday by his parents because he was adamant to the point of being annoying.

5) My father was adamant t send me to summer school even though I did not need to, nor neither of any of my teachers recommended doing so.

6) When I look back at my college days, I realize that I am grateful to my father who was adamant about me going to med school instead of taking up photography.

7) I had no money to pay for the circus tickets but I borrowed some just because my son was adamant about going.

8) Once he sits to solve his daily crossword puzzles, my grandfather will remain adamant about not getting up until he finishes them.

9) I was adamant about not listening to any of his apologies because I knew that the look in his eyes would make me melt.

10) Everyone wondered why he was so adamant about divorcing his wife of thirty years for no apparent reason.

Adamantly in a Sentence Examples

1) The manager spoke adamantly and refused listening to any of our new ideas.

2) She adamantly believed that her calculations and estimates were precise until she was shown the workings and proved wrong by others.

3) They justified their opinion adamantly at the cost of blinding themselves to reality.

4) She adamantly rejected the idea, not even wanting to give its revised version a fair shot.

5) Both the parties adamantly refused to take any blame. The situation reached a roadblock and nothing could be done.

6) No matter how much our son coaxed and pleaded to his father about letting him go to Spain with his friends, he adamantly refused.

7) The neighborhood adamantly opposed the council’s plans to convert the local park into a day care center for kids.

8) He adamantly stuck to his decision about investing in loss-making stocks even though the experts advised against it.

9) The politicians used their advertising campaigns to show that they adamantly supported the revised environmental policies.

10) It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that a thief will adamantly deny allegations of burglary until proven guilty.

Adamance in a Sentence Examples

1) It was their adamance that won them the negotiation. They stuck to their idea and rooted for it until the very end.

2) The clients showed adamance in changing the payment structure. Eventually, the agency acquiesced.

3) Her adamance speaks of her self-confidence, self-esteem and highly positive self-image.

4) Showing adamance in front of your parents may just get them to pay for the PlayStation you’ve been salivating after.

5) Her voice had a strain of adamance. She was pleading and trying to hold her own simultaneously.

6) It was because of my mother’s adamance that I managed to finish school. Otherwise, I would have still been working at Subway.

7) I could sense the adamance in his decision because he wasn’t ready to listen to anyone else.

8) Adamance is a good quality only if it is used for the right thing and purpose. If a person is adamant for the wrong thing, it can actually backfire.

9) It was his determination and his adamance about doing the right thing that saw the project to its very end.

10) I tugged lightly at my dog’s leash, but he didn’t budge.  He had mastered the art of showing adamance especially when he was hungry.

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