Paucity in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Paucity in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Paucity.

Paucity Definition and Meaning with Examples

Paucity (noun) means dearth or scarcity. It can be used to describe a shortage or insufficiency of anything.

Paucity refers to fewness in terms of numbers or quantity. Anything which is inadequate in nature can be expressed with the use of the word paucity.

Add paucity to your vocabulary to suggest scantiness or scarcity of any kind.

Shortage of natural resources in a country, lack of good teachers in a school, inadequacy of evidences for a case and meagerness of funds for a project can be described by the word paucity.

Paucity: Other Grammatical Forms


Paucity in a Sentence Examples

1) Even with such paucity of wealth and resources, the family lived happily and never complained about anything.

2) The paucity of water in the area lead to many sanitation problems, but the people of the neighborhood did not choose to complain.

3) It is because of the paucity of good technical programs in my hometown that my daughter is moving interstate to enroll in college.

4) There is no paucity of knowledge regarding this subject, it’s just that government has chosen to do nothing about it.

5) Although there is no paucity of evidences that will help us to win this case, my lawyer wants to be cautious and gather some more proof.

6) There is no paucity of good candidates for this role. The problem is to find somebody who is willing to relocate overseas.

7) The ministers are going to address the paucity of help that reaches famine-affected areas in the meeting today.

8) If good teachers and professors are not paid as much as they should be, their paucity will be created in the longer run.

9) We are going to invite consultants from diverse fields so that there is no paucity of ideas in the process of generating solutions to the country’s most complicated problems.

10) There has to be some way in which we can battle the paucity of natural resources in our state. Using alternative resources could be one option.

11) There is no paucity of arguments between my husband and my son when it comes to the topic of which baseball team s better.

12) We will experience a paucity of good accountants if all accounting related services begin to get outsourced.

13) There is no paucity of good citizens living in this area who can take responsibility for the smooth functioning of community programs.

14) The paucity of good policies was one of the reasons that the the previous government was not favored by everyone.

15) There is a paucity of students who will volunteer and take up projects that are not included in the syllabus.

16) She was unable to complete the project in time because there was a paucity of relevant numbers and information which she could use.

17) Whenever my son visits my mother in her countryside house, he gets bored because there is a paucity of activities that he can take part in.

18) Since we live so far off from the city, there is a paucity of babysitters who I can employ to take care of my son when I am away.

19) The growing paucity of space in downtown is has driven up the prices of apartments.

20) The paucity of transport services the area has been a boon in disguise. Not many people have migrated interstate and talent has remained local.

21) Due to the paucity of good shopping malls in their area, they came to the city every other weekend to shop.

22) The paucity of a committed and honest workforce is preventing the company from the progress it should have made in this amount of time.

23) The paucity of human resources has brought this project to a screeching halt. Work will commence only when we hire all over again.

24) The teacher explained the topic to the students repeatedly and inexhaustibly until there was a paucity of more illustrations that she could use.

25) There is a paucity of men like your father who do others a favor without expecting anything in return. More power to people like him.

26) The business could not thrive because of the frequent paucity of funds. It could no longer depend on loans that came with heavy interests.

27) There is a paucity of good journalists who behave more like opinion makers and less like reporters.

28) The paucity of material regarding this controversial topic is not going to deter me from taking it up as the topic of my research.

29) The paucity of good parental advice and counsel in his life had a very damaging impact. He wasted a lot of time with trial and error.

30) Just because there was a paucity of facts to support my argument, I stopped discussing the matter and stepped back.

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