How to use Docile in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Docile in a sentence:- Sentence Examples of Docile, Docilely and Docility.

Docile (adjective) means obedient or submissive in nature. It can be used to describe a meek person who effortlessly take commands, instructions or orders and shows no signs of conflict or resistance. The word docile is often associated with people who can be taught, managed, controlled, disciplined or manipulated easily.

Add the word docile to your vocabulary to describe a person who yields easily. Classic examples are a student who does as he or she is told, an accommodating homemaker who always does as per the wishes of her family or a colleague who can be handled easily. The word docile has a negative connotation when it is used to describe the attribute of being easily manipulated. It has a positive connotation when used to describe a person who is accommodating and polite.

Docile: Other Grammatical Forms

Docilely (adverb)

Docility (noun)

Docile in a Sentence Examples

1) She was an aggressive woman who wanted a docile husband who she could control and manipulate at her free will.

2) They gave a docile explanation when they were reprimanded by their teacher, even though they were not in the wrong.

3) If you want a docile dog for a pet, a German Shepherd is not the right breed to buy. You should buy a Poodle or a Pomeranian.

4) She is easy to influence not just because she is docile but also because she does not have the guts to question anything.

5) She looked very docile in her full sleeve shirt which was buttoned upto her neck and stockings that dated back to the eighties.

6) His parents were worried because they wanted him to be aggressive like other boys, not docile like the girls in his school.

7) Considering he has such a strict mother who never allows him to speak up, he is likely to have a docile personality.

8) When kids are young, they are docile. That is the time they can be taught and molded as per their parents’ wishes.

9) The cat seems docile from far but she will scratch you if you try to play with her.

10) The docile look of the kittens sitting in the box melted my heart and made me want to feed them and pamper them even more.

Docilely in a Sentence Examples

1) My dog starts behaving docilely whenever I lure him with treats. It’s the kind of behavior that all dogs tend to display.

2) My daughter looked at me docilely and waited for me to say something after she had given me her long explanation.

3) How could I not forgive my son who apologized for breaking my favorite vase after making a cute face and looking at me docilely?

4) They are sycophants of the boss who will docilely nod in agreement with him even if he is wrong.

5) If you speak docilely, your opponents will eat you up. They are infamously known as the sharks of the corporate world.

6) I was shocked to know that he left his job docilely just because a few allegations were made on him. He didn’t even bother to fight for his rights.

7) Her mother told her to sing a song for the audience and she started singing docilely, no questions asked.

8) The manager answered all the questions that his boss posed to him very docilely, even though he was more qualified for the project than his boss was.

9) The kids shrugged their shoulders docilely when they were yelled at by their parents, not knowing what to say.

10) Once the commander yielded the microphone, everyone queued up docilely to listen to his orders.

Docility in a Sentence Examples

1) It is the docility of women that most men take advantage of. If women become more aggressive, that wouldn’t happen.

2) As more women enter the workforce, they will trade their innate docility with forthrightness and tenacity.

3) Her docility is a facade that she puts up in front of others to make them think that she is a quiet person. In reality, she is quite vicious.

4) You will have to drop your docility if you want to make it through the competitive world of higher education.

5) The attribute of docility is not always a good thing. It may repress children from having outgoing personalities.

6) Her docility is usually taken for granted by her husband and kids. No one respects her opinion or cares about how she feels.

7) The new wife displayed her docility as she played the good host, served drinks to the guests and made polite conversations with them.

8) People often taunt her that she has a split personality because she shows docility at home but is a tigress at work.

9) The chief of army took advantage of the extreme docility of the new entrants and trained them thoroughly.

10) The docility with which he fulfilled every whim and fancy of his wife proved that he had become henpecked over the years.

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