How to use Perplexed in a sentence:- Definition ,Meaning with Examples

How to use Perplexed in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Perplexed, Perplexing, Perplex, Perplexingly and Perplexity.

Perplexed Definition and Meaning with Examples

Perplexed (adjective) means confused. It describes any situation, context or person which is baffling, difficult to understand or knotty.

When used as an alternative to confused, perplexed can add a layer of intensity to its meaning.

Add perplexed to your vocabulary by using it in the same context as the words confusing, bewildered or puzzled. Include it in a sentence to make your language sound more refined.

As a word, perplexed can add more gravity to the meaning of a sentence as compared to words like doubtful, stumped or dumbfounded.

Perplexed: Other Grammatical Forms

Perplexing (adjective)

Perplex (verb)

Perplexingly / Perplexedly (adverb)

Perplexity (noun)

Perplexed in a Sentence Examples

1) It is easy for anyone to get perplexed in a situation of crisis. Only few people are able to maintain their calm and take rational decisions.

2) After her father’s death, she has become extremely perplexed and disillusioned about life.

3) The sudden eruption of fire left the entire neighborhood perplexed, shocked and traumatized.

4) The beggar was perplexed when a genie appeared before him and handed him a plum bag of riches.

5) When people are perplexed, they react so bizarrely that they may regret their behavior later on.

6) The key of writing great mystery books is to create a character who keeps the audience perplexed until the very end.

7) The questions in the exam were so convoluted and vague, that everyone was left perplexed.

8) Physics is a subject that tends to leave many students perplexed as they delve deeper into its study.

9) The boy was perplexed whether to propose to his girlfriend or not, because her mother had recently passed away.

10) He called a minute ago to tell me that he will be here. I am perplexed as to why he still hasn’t reached.

Perplexing in a Sentence Examples

1) His garbled diction makes it very perplexing to understand what he wants to convey to others.

2) The book was so perplexing that most students abandoned it halfway without thinking what their professor would say.

3) It is perplexing why none of the medications are taking effect to cure her illness.

4) She was so annoyed with his perplexing answers that she called it quits and moved over to the next applicant.

5) It was shocking and perplexing to find out that patients were asked to fill forms even when they were in the midst of being taken into the ER.

6) Giving multiple instructions to your employees will make things extremely perplexing for them to execute.

7) Her perplexing reaction has confused me further.

8) She didn’t understand the complex mathematical concept because her teacher’s style of teaching is very perplexing.

9) The perplexing part about the story was not the way in which the protagonist died, but the purpose of his death.

10) His ways are perplexing, only he knows what he is upto and why.

Perplex in a Sentence Examples

1) Don’t try to deliberately perplex and misguide anyone for your own advantage, especially when that person is a friend or an acquaintance.

2) Self-proclaimed gurus often purposefully talk in roundabout way to perplex audiences so that they can feign intelligence.

3) The job interviewer’s only aim of asking so many wounded questions was to perplex the candidate.

4) You may think that life throws most dilemmas to perplex you, but it is actually to polish your character and make you stronger.

5) She is so dumb that even the silliest of riddles perplex her.

Perplexingly in a Sentence Examples

1) She perplexingly gazed into her mother’s eyes, almost as if she was demanding answers to a thousand unasked questions.

2) In such a somber situation, she replied perplexingly. That wasn’t expected of her.

3) He looked on in a perplexingly when his associate started speaking in Japanese out of the blue.

4) She replied so perplexingly that everyone simply sat and gaped at her.

5) It was a purposeful move on her part to react perplexingly. She didn’t want everyone else to realize that she already knew the secret.

Perplexity in a Sentence Examples

1) The director increased the perplexity of the climax by suddenly introducing a new character with no background.

2) The perplexity of her disease was increasing among doctors day after day as each diagnosis was turning out to be incorrect.

3) Perplexity at the crime scene gradually increased as no evidence surfaced for almost a week after the murder took place.

4) The perplexity of the situation will ensure until you talk to everyone ad sort the matter out.

5) You will never understand the perplexity in our relationship because you have never been in one yourself.

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