How to use Cacophony in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Cacophony in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Cacophony and Cacophonic.

Cacophony Definition and Meaning with Examples

Cacophony (noun) means harsh noise or a screechy blare which is unpleasant to hear.

Cacophony can be used to describe a variety of man-made or naturally occurring sounds at high volumes that cause discordance or irritableness to the ears.

Include cacophony in your vocabulary by using it to express unwanted clamor or a barrage of disturbing jarring noises. It is typically associated with the noise made by a group of young kids, traffic jams, blaring discotheque music or an unmusical mix of random tunes.

The usage of the word usually has a negative connotation.

Cacophony: Other Grammatical Forms

Cacophonic (adjective)

Cacophonous (adjective)

Cacophony in a Sentence Examples

1) Celebrations are more about cacophony these days rather than conversations, sociability and camaraderie.

2) She refused to go out in the evening hours because she didn’t want to bear the cacophony of the traffic jam on the freeway.

3) It was an irony to see the parade passing through a silence zone in the city. They were lucky not to get held up by cops.

4) We complained to the cops about our noisy neighbors. The cacophony of their music was too much to bear after midnight.

5) He couldn’t pick up your call because the cacophony outside his apartment made it impossible for him to hear the phone ring.

6) My brother thinks he is jamming with his friends, but I think he is a part of one big cacophony. I wish they learnt how to play the guitar better.

7) She hid her grief amidst the cacophony of the pre-wedding festivities. No one could recognize the tears behind her smile.

8) The atmosphere will be filled with cacophony when the race cars begin to vroom and the competition starts.

9) In the growing cacophony of her life, her dreams began to gradually slip away from her eyes. She knew that she would never be able to make it.

10) Some modern musicians call it fusion, my music teacher just calls it cacophony. She thinks that the term fusion has been abused.

11) Her reason for not attending parties was that she hated the cacophony created by the DJs. She also complained of feeling claustrophobic inside pubs.

12) Some birds tweet melodiously, but other birds give out calls that create more of a loud cacophony than anything else.

13) The cacophony faded out as quickly as it rose. The cops may have arrived on the scene and asked everyone to leave the party venue.

14) With constant fights, arguments and differences in opinion regarding just about everything, our marriage has turned into a mere cacophony.

15) My father has stopped enjoying political debates on TV because they have turned into a cacophony of phony politicians instead of being platforms for intellectual stimulation.

Cacophonic in a Sentence Examples

1) The cacophonic ambience was too loud for me to bear. I wish I had the money to make my room soundproof.

2) Their cacophonic conversation on the phone was enough to let me know that things hadn’t gone down too well between them.

3) There was no movement in her body even though she was surrounded by cacophonic streets. She was fast asleep.

4) When my son’s friends get together for a sleepover, the house turns into a cacophonic bachelor pad.

5) It is a pleasant change to live in a quiet lakeside resort after having spent weeks on the cacophonic streets of an urban jungle.

6) Juxtaposing the melody of one instrument over the other was making the song sound cacophonic rather than musical.

7) Get ready to enter the cacophonic world of emergency services after you start your job as an ambulance driver.

8) When the patient complained of hearing cacophonic sounds in the silence of the hospital, the doctors suspected schizophrenia.

9) The cacophonic animals live in herds and are known to be very protective of each other. They also make peculiar sounds.

10) The subtle hissing of the white noise turned cacophonic when it blared on several television screens at once.

11) When my kids were with me, I thought that they were cacophonic. But now that they are gone, the house has a deafening silence that makes me miss them.

12) What is the fun in yelling at each other and struggling to be heard inside a pub with cacophonic music?

13) The ringtone of your mobile phone is way too cacophonic for the silent ambience around you. Please change it for the time being.

14) I’d rather live in a dingy, cacophonic neighborhood where I have warm neighbors rather than a sprawling, elite area where everyone shows me a cold shoulder.

15) Her jarring design aesthetics are evident in the cacophonic colors she uses for her products. Her work has never been known for the use of subtlety.

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