How to use Quaint in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Quaint in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Quaint, Quaintly and Quaintness.

Quaint (adjective) means unusual, peculiar or old-fashioned. It can be used to describe anything which is oddly attractive or unusually striking. It can be something quirky, bizarre or whacky too. When the word quaint is used in a negative way, it refers to something which is strange, inappropriate or peculiar.

Make a sentence with the word quaint to suggest the outlandishness, charm or weirdness of something or someone. Associate it with things like an odd but beautiful villa, queer sculpture, peculiar sense of humor, eccentric decor or unusual choice of words.

Quaint: Other Grammatical Forms

Quaintly (adverb)

Quaintness (noun)

Quaint in a Sentence Examples

1) I found the documentary very interesting because it showed the quaint rituals of the community that hadn’t been exposed to the world.

2) If you’ve always wanted to see a city with quaint architecture and cobblestoned streets, you have come to the right place.

3) I spotted a quaint map in the treasure chest which was owned by my grandmother. I wondered what it could possibly be.

4) It was a quaint and secluded inn but its good food managed to get it in the list of best hotels of that year.

5) The quaint little shop by the seashore was famous for selling unique souvenirs and cute knick-knacks that tourists would die for.

6) When my niece tells me that she finds the ink pen quite quaint, I wonder how time flies and how generations change.

7) This quaint spa might seem fancy, but I’d rather you go to a standard salon which is well-reputed and well-reviewed.

8) I added a vintage filter to all the pictures of the quaint villas and posted them on my Instagram.

9) She has a penchant for quaint, vintage jewelry that has a patina of the golden past of this country.

10) They are a strange bunch of people with quaint morals which make them difficult to understand them.

Quaintly in a Sentence Examples

1) The house was quaintly creative. But that was the least you could expect from an owner with whacky tastes.

2) It is a quaintly composed song but it seems to have won people’s hearts because of its odd rhythm and off-kilter melody.

3) My brother a got a quaintly designed tattoo at the most random place in his body – below his chin.

4) It is wasteful to pay such a big amount for such a quaintly made sculpture which has sunk into oblivion because of its anonymous make.

5) The streets of the city were quaintly beautiful and people seemed to live a placid life where time just passed them by.

6) I don’t believe in living in such faraway places that are quaintly beautiful because they can be dangerous too.

7) My daughter dreams of living in a quaintly decorated house where she would be visited by fairies and angels.

8) There is something quaintly charming about the sleepy town even though it has nothing special to offer.

9) Paying a hundred dollars for a quaintly painted kitschy coffee mug that can’t even be used in the microwave is ridiculous.

10) The restaurant is quaintly attractive. Thankfully, it isn’t overdone with retro style furniture which we see everywhere these days.

Quaintness in a Sentence Examples

1) The art director wanted to scout for quirky props so that he could enhance the quaintness of the set which was in line with the theme of the film.

2) He is an eccentric painter whose work is mainly marked by quaintness of theme and bizarreness of color combinations.

3) She rated the cafe highly only because she took a fancy to the quaintness of the place. It didn’t particularly serve good coffee.

4) Most visitors are attracted to the small castle because of the quaintness of its history and the charm of the couple who own it.

5) Quaintness of decor finds a great soft corner with women for some strange reason.

6) Because of more and more visitors pouring in from all over the world, the mystery and quaintness of the hitherto undiscovered town is slowly fading.

7) The quaintness of the store drew me to it, but I was I was thoroughly disappointed to find lack of variety there.

8) The quaintness of the winery has been widely reported, having drawn many tourists who come there out of sheer curiosity.

9) He had a knack of recognizing and appreciating quaintness, whether in a painting, artifact or a location.

10) The quaintness of the suburb makes it a great subject of photography but not an ideal place to live.

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