Pessimistic in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Pessimistic in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Pessimistic, Pessimism, Pessimist and Pessimistically.

Pessimistic Definition and Meaning with Examples

Pessimistic (adjective) means negative and cynical. It can be used to describe people who are gloomy because they constantly expect bad things to happen or they always see the negative side of things. It refers to people who have no hope for the future. From a philosophical perspective, pessimism refers to the belief that the worst is happening to the world and it will be ultimately consumed by forces of Evil.

Make a sentence with the word pessimist to describe a negative attribute of a person whose dark and bleak views demotivate and depress other people. The image of a person nodding his or head in disagreement without even listening to someone is the perfect representation of a pessimistic person.

Pessimistic: Other Grammatical Forms

Pessimism (noun)

Pessimist (noun)

Pessimistically (adverb)

Pessimistic in a Sentence Examples

1) I am not completely pessimistic about this project but I do have my reservations about investing a ton of money in it.

2) After a complaint was registered, everyone became pessimistic about the product and sales declined dramatically.

3) You are going to have a tough time convincing all those people who have a pessimistic view about this project.

4) My father has become pessimistic over the years because his circumstances have always betrayed him.

5) The company hasn’t been able to experiment much in the past ten years because its leader has a pessimistic approach towards innovation.

6) I conveniently declared the weather report for the day to be overly pessimistic and took my family out for a picnic just because I wanted to go.

7) In a pessimistic tone, the author concluded that economic conditions would not improve as long as inflation was not controlled.

8) My mother remained pessimistic about the business that I was starting with my college friend until I made heavy profits.

9) Don’t ask him for a favor today. He seems to be in a pessimistic mood.

10) Stop being so pessimistic about investing in stocks. Not everyone loses money and goes bankrupt.

Pessimism in a Sentence Examples

1) We haven’t called you here to shower your pessimism on our wonderful ideas. Help us if you can or leave.

2) As we presented our audacious idea to everyone in the boardroom, we could sense the high level of pessimism win the air.

3) All the reportage about the impeding war is creating a lot of pessimism amongst businessmen and investors.

4) His writing is marked by a certain sense of pessimism which is a true reflection of the war-ridden era which is the backdrop for his book.

5) Pessimism grew amongst the people as facts started streaming in and the death toll increased from five hundred to seventeen hundred.

6) Your father is an occasional cynic, he cannot match my dad’s overarching pessimism about everything.

7) His voice was strained and smothered with pessimism. Even without looking at him I could tell that he didn’t want to go.

8) His acidic yet poignant writing reflected the general pessimism that was prevalent in those times.

9) Cinema and writing are common mediums to express angst and pessimism of all kinds – social, political or emotional.

10) With such deeply ingrained pessimism about mechanization amongst these factory owners, how are we possibly going to sell more machines?

Pessimist in a Sentence Examples

1) She is a pessimist. No amount of prodding, probing or coaxing will convince her that this equipment is safe.

2) They fell apart as a couple because the wife was extremely optimistic about everything in life and her husband was exactly the opposite – a pessimist.

3) It’s so depressing to live with a pessimist who keeps on finding faults with everything.

4) My father is a hardcore pessimist. This is one of the reasons we haven’t been able to get along since so many years.

5) Don’t take all his advice by heart because he is a pessimist, but listen to all that he has to say.

Pessimistically in a Sentence Examples

1) She approached the issue pessimistically because of which it was obvious that the project was not going to go through.

2) He replied rather pessimistically when I told him about my plans after graduation.

3) Newspapers are reporting pessimistically to create a cynicism regarding the government’s latest financial initiatives.

4) She is bound to look at everything pessimistically because life has never rewarded her optimism.

5) My teachers told me pessimistically that I should reconsider the topic I had selected for my essay.

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