How to use Precarious in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Precarious in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Precarious, Precariously and Precariousness.

Precarious Definition and Meaning with Examples

Precarious (adjective) means unstable or dangerous. It refers to anything which can get worse or has the potential to fail.

It can be used to describe something which is uncertain and unknown.

Precarious also refers to something which can have a physical fall if it is not held, tightened or gripped properly.

Form a sentence with the word precarious to suggest unpredictability or wobbliness.

A badly built table, insecure financial situation or dubious evidence presented in a case can be called precarious.

Precarious: Other Grammatical Forms

Precariously (adverb)

Precariousness (noun)

Precarious in a Sentence Examples

1) Taking such a huge financial risk when your business is not doing well is a precarious thing to do.

2) I am in a precarious spot right now. I don’t know if I should speak against my parents or my own husband.

3) I can no longer take pity on her. She put herself in a precarious position despite being warned.

4) I don’t want to become an independent real estate agent. I would not be comfortable having such a precarious income stream.

5) None of my colleagues were willing to speak out against the manager’s nephew. Nobody wanted to walk into a precarious situation with him which could affect their future prospects in the company.

6) The precarious knot was unlikely to hold the two containers together.

7) The site manager ordered everyone to stop working immediately because the wet weather had made it extremely precarious to work at the construction site. He did not want to risk anyone getting injured.

8) He was demoted because of his habit of taking risky decisions. The bosses couldn’t afford to put the company’s image in a precarious position.

9) Since his income stream is very precarious, he is unworthy of getting his child’s custody after divorce.

10) Some of my most successful decisions were said to be the very precarious at the time when they were taken. But the risk has paid off.

Precariously in a Sentence Examples

1) When he gripped the rock precariously with one hand, I shut my eyes. I could not bear to watch him hanging over the cliff.

2) She decided to trek precariously at high attitudes in the mountains even though the weather forecast for the week was bad.

3) You may like to live precariously, but it’s not the ideal lifestyle after marriage.

4) The bridge has been precariously built, but the folks living in this town don’t care as long as they are able to cross the river.

5) Despite being repeatedly instructed, she placed the glasses precariously on the cabinet.

6) The archaeologists couldn’t decide whether to take a chance and dig deeper because the ruins rested precariously over a central structure.

7) The bank refused to lend money to the company because its financial position hinged precariously between spiraling debt and growing revenues.

8) He precariously leaned over the edge of the pier to retrieve his wallet from the water.

9) The mayor was baffled to see massive girders hanging precariously from the roof of the construction site. He found it unacceptable and extremely risky.

10) The course tested all the off-road drivers to their limits. Everyone was required to ascent precariously over a steep and rugged terrain.

Precariousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The precariousness of their married life made it impossible for their kids to concentrate and perform well academically.

2) They didn’t realize the precariousness of the situation even after the fumes started filing the room.

3) The precariousness of their actions is negatively impacting the functioning of the company.

4) The only precariousness in her line of work is that it offers to no stability of pay, location, perks or insurance.

5) No one understands the precariousness of this rickety chair. It will take a bruised arm and leg to make them understand that it needs to be replaced.

6) The precariousness of her argument has tainted her reputation as the city’s best lawyer.

7) The precariousness of my role makes it impossible for me to judge where I will be in the next six months.

8) The precariousness in the market was quite unnerving. None of the stock brokers were willing to make big trades.

9) He must learn how to navigate through the precariousness of handling customer complaints if he wants to become team leader.

10) If the precariousness of this situation is not enough to alert you, I don’t know what is.

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