How to use Versatile in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Versatile in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Versatile, Versatilely and Versatility.

Versatile Definition and Meaning with Examples

Versatile (adjective) means multifaceted, compatible or resourceful. It can be used to describe a person, behavior or a thing which can adapt to all kinds of situations, behaviors or uses.

Versatile can also refer to a mood or disposition which is constantly changing.

In biology or zoology, the word is generally used to describe a moving part of an animal or insect such as a toe or an antenna.

Add the word versatile to your vocabulary to suggest the all-rounder nature of something. Associate it with multi-talented entertainers, multi-purpose machines, utilitarian equipment or a food ingredient which has many uses.

Versatile: Other Grammatical Forms

Versatilely (adverb)

Versatility (noun)

Versatile in a Sentence Examples

1) Once upon a time, he was a versatile figure in Hollywood. It is unfortunate that he has now sunk into oblivion.

2) I love teaching my class because it is full of students who are multi-talented and versatile.

3) The scientist is busy building a versatile machine for homemakers that can chop and store foods simultaneously.

4) Most of this military equipment is designed to be versatile enough to adapt to unimaginable situations that troops may face in the desert.

5) Star anise is a versatile ingredient which is used in a variety of cuisines from all over the world and in all kinds of ways.

6) Being a versatile actor who knows everything from martial arts to dancing to the art of romance can be helpful to get through an audition.

7) He is a versatile sportsman who can play pool, football, rugby and golf with ease.

8) Even if she asks you to take a holiday, avoid saying yes and falling into a trap. She has versatile moods that can’t be trusted.

9) My daughter’s scarf is pretty versatile. From wiping dirt, being a bandanna to protecting from the sun, it does everything.

10) Considering that his father was so multifaceted, it’s no surprise that he is so versatile too.

Versatilely in a Sentence Examples

1) This blender can be versatilely converted into a food processor with the help of a few attachments here and there.

2) She started her lecture with a live demonstration and then versatilely went on to explain the theory behind it though interactive examples.

3) The program can versatilely run calculations, generate complex animations and check for plagiarism simultaneously.

4) She has been chosen as the host of the show because of her ability to versatilely switch from talking about something serious to cracking a lame joke without coming across as frivolous.

5) The amazing thing about the family was that they did everything versatilely, whether it was throwing a party, planning a vacation or arranging a reunion.

6) It was the most versatilely made machine that I had ever seen. I couldn’t believe that such a machine was made in an era of no electricity.

7) The design of the house versatilely allows for all the waste to be disposed in the most eco-friendly way and excess water to be recycled for gardening.

8) The material versatilely absorbs soap to the maximum when it is wet and dries up like paper when it is left in the sun.

9) He was an excellent HR executive because he had the ability to versatilely deal with a wide variety of people he dealt with on a daily basis.

10) Although he was a general physician, he could versatilely diagnose cases which were actually meant for the cardiology and oncology departments.

Versatility in a Sentence Examples

1) The versatility of pineapple hasn’t yet been discovered by chefs around the world. Everyone still prefers other traditional fruits like peaches and apricots.

2) Many people think that versatility is inborn but that isn’t true. I think it can be cultivated through practice.

3) Judges are going to rank the contestants on the basis of their versatility and how they can show their prowess across any kind of designing.

4) Versatility has its pitfalls. People expect you to be able to do anything and everything.

5) The director thought that bringing more writers on board would bring more versatility to his film, but he was wrong. Everything became more hotchpotch.

6) If you cannot display your versatility as a singer by performing a few ballads, rock songs and old Hollywood classics, you cannot win the competition.

7) He hiked is fee as an emcee because his versatility was appreciated worldwide and he thought it was best to make hay while the sun shone.

8) The small bug was taken to the laboratory to be tested for the versatility of its legs. Apparently, they also acted as sensors for preventing attacks.

9) It is the versatility of the tablet that has made it such a popular device in such a short span of time across all age groups.

10) It is her versatility as a musician which makes him a cut above the rest. He can compose anything from a commercial jingle to a backdrop for a dramatic theatrical.

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