How to use Meticulous in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Meticulous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Meticulous, Meticulously and Meticulousness.

Meticulous (adjective) means thorough or detailed. It refers to a perfectionist who is obsessed with doing everything accurately and correctly. Such people go to great lengths to ensure that they give due attention to details.

Add meticulous to your vocabulary by using it to describe a person who is precise and organized. Associate the word with a carefully planned event, painstaking effort, impeccable appearance, spotlessly clean desk, fine craftsmanship or accurately done calculation. Meticulous has a positive connotation but extreme amount of meticulousness in a person can be seen as negative.

Meticulous: Other grammatical forms

Meticulously (adverb)

Meticulousness (noun)

Meticulous: Sentence examples

1) She is extremely meticulous about her things. She makes sure she puts everything back in its place after she has used it.

2) I will have to ensure that the document has no mistakes before I give it to my teacher as she is a very meticulous person.

3) Students crafted the model of the car with meticulous details and got good grades for their science project.

4) While one daughter was extremely meticulous and punctual, the other one was downright wayward.

5) The actress was very meticulous about the quality of the clothes she wore. She wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a crumpled shirt or a soiled dress.

6) It was pretty strenuous to work the filmmaker because he was overly meticulous and micromanaged every single detail that he shouldn’t have been wasting time on.

7) The event management’s meticulous prep and attention to detail ensured that the program was a smashing success.

8) The professor’s meticulous method of teaching was much appreciated by all the students. This quality separated him from all the other teachers.

9) The meticulous engraving on the building made the tourist’s wonder how long it must have taken the workers to build it.

10) She didn’t get good grades because she wasn’t meticulous about the layout, formatting and grammatical structure of her assignment.

Meticulously: Sentence examples

1) She folded the mattress meticulously before she put it in the closet. After all, it was a gift from her deceased mother who she loved a lot.

2) Every evening, she scrubbed the house meticulously and made it look brand new. No one could believe that five kids were living in that place.

3) The plan was meticulously drawn as the team wanted to leave no space for error.

4) All the subplots were meticulously woven into the narrative in a way that the reader would never be able to make out the number of layers in the story.

5) The contract must be read meticulously before it is signed and dispatched because it has a lot of fine print which can bite us in the back later.

6) He ironed his shirt so meticulously that not a single crease remained visible.

7) They analyzed the tragedy meticulously because they wanted to get to the root cause of the violent crimes.

8) It is good to do your work meticulously but it isn’t prudent to put in so much effort that you exceed your time limit.

9) As the host, you are expected to dress meticulously for the event. You cannot look shabby when you are presenting yourself in front of a large audience.

10) It’s no fun going on a meticulously planned and organized holiday. A spontaneous road trip is much better.

Meticulousness: Sentence examples

1) Sometimes, my manager’s meticulousness is very annoying because he expects others to be as diligent and precise as he is.

2) Meticulousness is an important quality for an architect as the subject requires many minute design elements and calculations.

3) Because of my colleague’s meticulousness, I was rest assured that there would be no mistakes in the calculations.

4) The meticulousness employed in the project was enough to show the panel that it deserved to be awarded the first place in the competition.

5) The son was inspired by his father’s meticulousness, the way he took care of his things and the way in which he was so house-proud.

6) His meticulousness is evident from the way he leaves his desk when he winds up at work – spotlessly cleans.

7) The teacher was impressed with the student’s work, especially the meticulousness with which he combed through piles of data to highlight the most important facts.

8) The meticulousness of their plan revealed that they had been conspiring to rob the bank from many months.

9) The lost paper was eventually found because the librarian filed it away in the archives with meticulousness.

10) She was hired as executive assistant to the CEO mainly because of her organizational skills and her meticulousness.

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