How to use Affable in a sentence:-Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Affable in a sentence:- Sentence Examples of Affable, Affably, Affability and Affableness.

Affable: Definition and Meaning

Affable (adjective) means pleasant, friendly or nice.

The word can be used to describe a person with a likeable and easygoing nature.

Affable can also be used as a synonym for the words amiable and amicable.

Form a sentence with the word affable to express congeniality or approachableness in a person. Use it for a person who has the ability to put other people at instant ease, be friendly with others without a purpose or be generally good-natured.

Affable: Other Grammatical Forms

Affably (adverb)

Affability (noun)

Affableness (noun)

Affable in a Sentence Examples

1) You can go and seek her help for getting you an internship without feeling embarrassed because she is a very affable person.

2) I was expecting a lot of awkwardness but the conversation turned out to be interesting and affable. I had a great time talking to her.

3) If you want to be an air stewardess, you must learn how to be an affable person who can mingle with people from all walks of life.

4) Being affable is one of the most important attributes of being in customer service. You cannot afford to behave irately with a customer at any cost.

5) My office offers great infrastructure, commendable working atmosphere and good work-life balance. The only thing I don’t have is affable colleagues.

6) After you arrive at the airport, expect an affable blonde to receive you and take you to the hotel that I have booked in the most beautiful part of the city.

7) No one expected an affable teacher like him to yell so badly at his favorite student. It seemed like something got over him the other day.

8) We were asked by our manager to carry an affable demeanor (check demeanor in a sentence) even though we were visiting a seminar which was hosted by the rival company.

9) Those strangers at the bus stop wanted to make conversation with each other but they were waiting for an affable smile to break the ice.

10) Whenever I think of my deceased aunt, I am reminded of her affable smile with which she welcomed me every single time.

Affably in a Sentence Examples

1) Although I asked her menial questions, she replied affably to every single query without ridiculing me.

2) The waiters affably asked the patrons to leave the table as the restaurant was shutting down in a few minutes.

3) After her ex-boyfriend hurt her ruthlessly, she had no reason to behave affably with him or maintain any sort of friendship.

4) After the meeting was over and a consensus was reached, everyone smiled at each other and exchanged goodbyes affably.

5) Parents should behave affably with children even if they are reprimanding them for doing something wrong at school.

6) I took an instant liking towards her because she smiled at me affably when I entered the hall.

7) My neighbors always wave at me affably when I come home from work. It feels great to be welcomed with such warmth.

8) As long as my son learns not to talk back to me and respect what I am saying, I am ready to speak to him affably.

9) The host affably came around to each table to ask everyone if they were having a good time at the party.

10) We were affably escorted to the room where the meeting was going to be held. Every aspect of our trip was carefully looked after.

Affability in a Sentence Examples

1) It is because of his affability that more and more people are drawn towards him. This is also one of the reasons he has such a prosperous business.

2) The affability with which he speaks to people is remarkable. No wonder he is called a people’s person.

3) Their infectious affability ensured that everyone was made comfortable in the party and no one felt out of place.

4) Although he is not traditionally good-looking, there is affability in his behavior which attracts women towards him.

5) Don’t mistake his affability for his softness. If the need arises, he can be extremely shrewd and manipulative too.

6) Many employees in our office are known to take advantage of our manager’s affability to get things done their way.

7) There is an ulterior motive to his affability. He befriends people because he wants to extract work out of them.

8) He won over everybody with his affability and charisma. Even people who didn’t know him personally were in awe of him.

9) It is his affability that has convinced me to attend this party. Otherwise, I have stopped attending parties and soirees from a long time.

10) She is famous for her affability but few people know that when she is angry, she can be downright callous.

Affableness in a Sentence Examples

1) The tour guide displayed his affableness by showing us many more places than the ones listed in the itinerary. We thought of showing our gratefulness to him with a nice gift.

2) The affableness of our seniors was very helpful in completing assignments at university. Their insight and advice was priceless.

3) I must thank the unconditional affableness of my co-workers and the way in which they helped me to finish the project in time.

4) Most people go to the bookshop to enjoy the owner’s affableness rather than to actually buy books.

5) She has a lethal combination of beauty, affableness and professional capability. This sets her apart from all the other female graduates of her batch.

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