Humdrum: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Humdrum in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Humdrum.

Humdrum Definition and Meaning with Examples

Humdrum (adjective) means boring or monotonous. It can be used to describe anything which is unremarkable and uninteresting.

It also refers to anything which is tiresome because of being repetitive and banal.

As a noun, the word refers to the sameness of a routine.

Those who wake up in the morning, eat their breakfasts in a hurry, travel by train, reach their offices and come back home in the evening are pretty much living a humdrum life.

Humdrum: Other Grammatical Forms

Humdrum (noun)

Humdrum (adjective) in a Sentence Examples

1) The humdrum pace of the narrative made the book a tedious read. In fact, it became the worst selling book of the year.

2) No matter how humdrum your life seems right now, things will look up once you have a job.

3) Rich wives involve themselves in expensive hobbies to keep them sane in their humdrum lives.

4) You will end up living a humdrum life if you aren’t clear about your goals and ambitions.

5) My mom loves watching those humdrum soap operas that air on TV.

6) When all his employees started giving him humdrum excuses about being tardy, he immediately sensed that something fishy was going on.

7) Instead of going into humdrum details about the policy, the financial advisor did a smart thing by simply talking about the executive summary of the presentation.

8) She was ready to splurge for dinner because she was sick of eating humdrum food back in her dorm.

9) Every time they try to have a romantic conversation, it somehow ends up as humdrum chatter about their daily lives.

10)It may appear to be a humdrum ingredient but if used the right way, it can greatly enhance the flavors of the dish.

11) Going through pie charts, numbers and statistics of an excel sheet can be the most humdrum job in the whole world.

12) She was overworking herself and it showed in the quality of her work. Her writing started to seem jaded and humdrum after a while.

13) The most humdrum part of the job is cleaning the storage rooms at least twice in a day.

14) My grandfather loved annoying by giving me several humdrum tasks to finish in the day.

15) As I woke up with the buzz of the traffic just outside my window, I realized that a humdrum day was about to start.

16) Every time we visited our grandparents, we infused life in their otherwise humdrum existence.

17) It was a boring event, filled with humdrum oratory and an obligatory exchange of hellos.

18) The story in the first draft was so humdrum that the editor demanded it to be rewritten.

19) The plot of the movie was very humdrum but the candid performances of the ensemble cast made it watchable.

20) It was a humdrum Sunday and we had nothing to do except for lazily lounging in our hammocks.

21) She spoke in the most humdrum manner. How did she expect anyone to even listen?

22) She doesn’t want to do administrative work in her dad’s company because she thinks it’s all a bit too humdrum.

23) It was a humdrum speech which outlined all the things that the audience already knew.

24) I stared at my weekly planner and realized what a humdrum week I had ahead of me.

25) They are so consumed in addressing the humdrum problems of their lives that they are not being able to see the bigger picture.

Humdrum (noun) in a Sentence Examples

1) They sought a divorce because they were tired of the humdrum that their marriage was going through each day.

2) The humdrum of his house was not proving to be congenial for his writing, which is why he decided to move elsewhere.

3) All the humdrum in her life has sucked the last drop of creativity out of her. She really needs to get a change.

4) As a photographer, he specializes in capturing the humdrum around us.

5) Amidst the usual humdrum, he managed to find inspiration to write poetry.

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