Ignominious in a sentence

What does ignominious  mean?: -a person deserving of public disgrace and shame

Noun: -inignominiousness

Adjective: -nonignominious

Sentence Examples: –

  • even when the fighter got knocked down in the first round, everybody was willing to back that this was the best of ignominious defeat that he will remember for the rest of his life.
  • That is a lot of things to be told about our basketball team, but going through the various ignominious defeats, one cannot think about any positive things about them.
  • Having recently divorced, there has been a variety of people thinking about ignominious relations and reasons as to why they would need to get away from that person.
  • After being defeated over and over again, the French troops made for an ignominious retreat to their own country.
  • The basketball players from all across the world prefer to make use of the ignominious steroids so as to get a noticeable improvement in their performance.
  • Pregnant wives should not be left alone in the houses, it would be a very ignominious thing for you to do.

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