Imbue in a sentence

What does imbue  mean?: -to inspire

Noun: -imbuement

Adjective: -unimbued

Sentence Examples: –

  • There were a lot of terrorist attacks all across the world in the year of 2015; respective governments have taken to the use of the various flags to be put up in different locations so as to imbue patriotism in people.
  • In order for you to imbue honesty within the school as well as promote school spirit, it is very important for you to monitor the educational courses of the children.
  • With the economic recession coming to a close, banks have started lending out money so as to imbue a sense of resurgence in the economy.
  • If you go about painting your room in the color green, then it would be able to imbue a very healthy feeling, and put forward a necessity in taking care of the environment.
  • It is the duty of the Minister to imbue the people in his constituency and ensure that they will be able to understand his work and vote for him the next time elections are round the corner.

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