Impeccable: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Impeccable in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Impeccable, Impeccably and Impeccability.

Impeccable: Definition and Meaning

Impeccable (adjective) means faultless or unblemished.

The word can be used to describe anything which is so perfect that it is beyond criticism.

Impeccable can also refer to a person who cannot possibly do any wrong or sin in any way.

Add impeccable to your vocabulary by using it to express perfection of any kind. Associate it with things like high level of propriety, impressive track records, immaculate clothes, pristine beauty, exemplary behavior, error-free writing or seamless arrangements.

Impeccable: Other Grammatical Forms

Impeccably (adverb)

Impeccability (noun)

Impeccable in a Sentence Examples

1) My teacher wasn’t satisfied until I wrote several drafts for my essay. That is because she wanted the final version to be absolutely impeccable.

2) Wearing an impeccable white shirt accessorized with chic cufflinks, he looked dapper in formal wear.

3) It is obvious that nail art is her forte because she always does an impeccable job with it, even if the designs are extremely intricate.

4) Sometimes it annoys me to know that I am the one who makes all the mistakes and my boyfriend is the one with the impeccable character.

5) Everyone else thinks he has an impeccable reputation. But I know him inside out and trust me, he is far from being perfect.

6) Making impeccable judgment is the result of having diverse experiences in life. Until then, expect to learn from your mistakes.

7) He barged into their room when they were about to kiss. They sarcastically said that I had an impeccable sense of timing.

8) The candidate’s impeccable and unprecedented victory in the election surprised every single nation in the world.

9) Her impeccable tastes in art, music and literature make her a very eloquent and erudite person. Everyone looks up to her.

10) Her impeccable tastes in life are reflected in the way she maintains her home and office.

Impeccably in a Sentence Examples

1) For the first time in history, critics gave her a positive review and applauded her for performing impeccably.

2) The painter created a portrait of the queen sitting in front of him so impeccably that it was difficult to differentiate between the two.

3) I envied the way in which my ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend was so impeccably dressed. I wished I was dressed equally well.

4) She put all her efforts in ensuring that her daughter was impeccably attired and groomed for the event. She wanted her to be the best.

5) I am surprised at his impeccably made decision, considering how young and immature he is.

6) She is a brilliant actress especially in the genre of comedy because she has impeccable comic timing.

7) Once my son gets into Harvard, his academic record is going to be impeccable. Maybe this will make him invincible in his fraternity.

8) It’s her ability to deliver work impeccably that has catapulted her to the position of CEO.

9) Even though it was in the middle of nowhere, the monument was worth visiting just because it was impeccably constructed and had the most magnificent carvings on its walls.

10) With pristine flower arrangements and splendid lighting, the venue was impeccably decorated for the wedding.

Impeccability in a Sentence Examples

1) It was the impeccability of the embroidery that made the gown look so pristine and stunning.

2) Although her track record is marked by impeccability, she will have to be screened for security reasons before she flies abroad.

3) The impeccability of his knowledge had been proved repeatedly with the fruitful advice he had been giving everyone from so long.

4) The impeccability of his upbringing was evident in his polite behavior, gracious manner and warm demeanor.

5) We ensured the impeccability of the project from its very start. We did not want to give the venture capitalists even one reason to reject funding.

6) No one’s life is marked by impeccability these days. Everyone errs and sins in some way or the other.

7) The languid camera pans used in the documentary about royal families captured the impeccability of their extravagant residences.

8) I could make a safe guess about the impeccability of the document because it was looking beautifully formatted at the first glance.

9) The impeccability of the event will be judged by the smoothness and efficiency of how one item on stage rolls out after the other.

10) Don’t judge him by the impeccability of his clothes. He is a dark and manipulative man from inside.

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