How to Use Languid in a Sentence? Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Languid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Languid, Languidly and Languidness.

Languid: Definition and Meaning

Languid (adjective) means laid-back or relaxed. It can be used to describe an action or person showing no inclination for any physical movement.

Languid has a negative connotation when it used to express indifference and lethargy.

It has a positive connotation when it is used to describe unhurriedness or easygoingness.

Languid also refers to the weakness that arises out of an illness or exhaustion.

Form a sentence with the word languid to describe a person or behavior which is slow-paced, sluggish or feeble. Associate it with things like a relaxed summer holiday, soothing music, inefficient working style or lackadaisical attitude.

Languid: Other Grammatical Forms

Languidly (adverb)

Languidness (noun)

Languid in a Sentence Examples

1) I must say his style was way too languid for taking such a significant decision which was likely to have a huge impact.

2) The dance was all about languid movements and breezy music. It seemed relaxing not just to the dancers but also to people who watched it.

3) The fever made her extremely languid. It was surprising to see how such an agile person could become so feeble.

4) Their languid footsteps were a giveaway that they were in no hurry and they might spend the rest of the evening here.

5) Her languid smile was enough to tell me that she wasn’t feeling well enough to attend the event.

6) The tone for a relaxed evening was set as the drinks were poured and a languid Beethoven symphony started to play in the background.

7) The restaurant was painted in pale yellow and the ambience was made more languid with a live piano recital.

8) She still reminisces about the languid days of summer that she spent with her boyfriend in Florida last year.

9) Her calm, almost languid attitude towards everything in life showed her clarity of thought and self-confidence.

10) While I rooted for a languid picnic on the beach, my husband and kids wanted a hiking adventure instead.

Languidly in a Sentence Examples

1) He strolled in the garden languidly with his wheelbarrow without a care about finishing the task of weeding the garden.

2) My kids looked forward to spend the entire summer with me languidly, so that I would have the satisfaction of enjoying their company.

3) He moved about languidly in the lobby of the office although he knew that he was running late for the presentation.

4) She kept sipping her wine languidly as she rocked her chair gently and doled out important words of advice to her grandson.

5) My cat pawed the feather toy languidly as if she had no interest in moving her limbs and getting some exercise.

6) She forced herself out of bed languidly as sunlight started streaming inside the room from the small gap left between the curtains.

7) My favorite method of unwinding is to listen to soothing music while I wander languidly through the garden.

8) You will often find the writer languidly swinging on the hammock in her backyard to get inspiration.

9) My boss crossed his legs languidly and folded his sleeves up before talking to me. This put me at ease instantly.

10) The businessman’s son needs to understand that there is more to life than just languidly signing documents with a Montblanc pen.

Languidness in a Sentence Examples

1) The languidness with which he functioned was annoying to the point of being irksome. It was turning out to be impossible to work with such a slow person.

2) If this is the speed with which he plans to work, his languidness will soon turn into laziness. Such behavior cannot be tolerated.

3) Their pace was marked by languidness as if they didn’t care to meet the deadlines set by their bosses.

4) Most government offices in this country function with a certain languidness. They behave as if they are not answerable to anybody.

5) Although her fever was clinically treated, her languidness showed no signs of going. That is when we thought of contacting her doctor again.

6) If it wasn’t for her languidness and total indifference she wouldn’t have missed the last date for her exams.

7) I like visiting my grandmother’s villa by the beach because of the languidness her place has to offer. It offers me a breather from my hectic life.

8) It was because of their languidness that we fell behind in this project. If we had a strong leader, we would have been at the top of the game right now.

9) It was the languidness of the freehand designed that appeal to me. I thought it would add to the relaxed vibe of the house.

10) From the languidness of his walk I could make out that he was going to have a long discussion with his daughter.

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