Impertinent in a sentence

What does impertinent  mean?: – no show of respect, extremely rude

Noun: -impertinentness

Adjective: -unimpertinent

Sentence Examples: –

  • there is nothing worse than to be impertinent to your teachers when you are in your class. After all, you have got to learn a lot of good things from them.
  • Although, the remark was never meant to be impertinent, but there were still a lot of people that would end up being offended by it.
  • Considering the impertinent response of the candidate to a very simple question, the person was easily struck off from the interview list without any hassles.
  • Theimpertinent suggestion that a person would like to be judged based on his or her looks is not something that is to be taken very seriously for the HR department of any company.
  • As the successful Webmaster of a website, you come across a lot of impertinent snobs that would like to do nothing better than to keep trolling the website and come up with their own funny quips.

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