Importune in a sentence

What does importune  mean?: -to approach someone to offer your services

Noun: -importuner

Adjective: -unimportuned

Sentence Examples: –

  • When I had left the store, and worry no need to purchase the car, the sales man continued to importune me with the various types of features of the car, so as to gather a sale.
  • Even when my boss happens to be in a good mood, I do not take the opportunity to importune the HR management in order to get a raise in the office.
  • There are various ways for you to importune on exploit the emotions of people and gather a lot of donations for a good cause. One of them would be to make use of children.
  • It is extremely weak, rather something unfortunate for boys to importune girls for a date, even when they do not seem to be interested.
  • Time and again, Christmas seems to be the only time where you would see Santa Claus importune the people in order to get appropriate donations, for the betterment of the children under their care.

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