Impugn in a sentence

What does impugn  mean?: – it is a dispute the validity as well as truth in a statement

Noun: -impugner

Adjective: -impugnable

Sentence Examples: –

  • It was the smear campaign of the Mayor to impugn the character of his opponent that led to his downfall.
  • It is without doubt that there is flawless character in our councilman; the worst thing that you can think about is to impugn their character.
  • The character of the defendant plays a very important part in this case; it was the prosecution that tried to impugn his character.
  • Even though I had the valid tickets to the concert, the attendant tried to impugn my entry to that particular occasion.
  • If a politician is confident, he or she would not have to resort to trying to impugn the character of his or her opponents.
  • As a parent, I try to impugn instructional skills of teachers that do not work according to their full potential.
  • The job of the detective is to impugn the different types of theories and focus on the main motive.

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