Incontrovertible in a sentence

What does incontrovertible  mean?: -the ability to not being disputed or denied

Noun: -incontrovertibility, incontrovertibleness

Sentence Examples: –

  • how can you go about denying the incontrovertible facts that are to be found for the Big Bang theory?
  • Even when I provide you with the incontrovertible evidence, you still go about telling people that I lied to you.
  • There is no proper or rather incontrovertible proof that could go and tell the grades of a student will be able to determine his or her life.
  • The fingerprint evidence can be the incontrovertible proof that you need in order to deter mine the liability of a person.
  • Most of the people believe that there is no incontrovertible proof which ensures that people did land on the moon.
  • One could certainly say that there is no truth in the incontrovertible satellite images which show that we are in a galaxy that is far far away from any habitable atmospheric, Galactic Cloud.
  • If you require incontrovertible proof of your child whereabouts, ask the parents of his friends.

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