Incredulous in a sentence

What does incredulous mean? It means something that is incredible to believe, and results in a lot of skeptical thoughts.

Noun: -incredulousness

Sentence Examples: –

  • Upon winning the lottery, the person thought that this was incredulous, and did not believe that he was the beholder of such a good fortune.
  • Looking at the incredulous size of the fire, the fire men knew that this was going to be a long night and they would have to come prepared without any kind of problems whatsoever.
  • Upon hearing the news that Rachel would become married at the end of the year, her friends were incredulous.
  • Upon looking at the incredulous smile that was planted in my face, my girlfriend knew that there was something good coming her way.
  • Upon discovering that my daughter took to stealing my credit card and purchasing dresses well worth $ 3000, I was feeling
  • There is an incredulous feeling about how people will be able to seriously doubt that I have the capability to lift 200 lbs of weight at a sitting.

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