Inept in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Inept in a sentence:- Examples of Inept Sentence, Ineptly, Ineptness and Ineptitude.

Inept Definition and Meaning with Examples

Inept (adjective) means incompetent or unskilled. It can be used to describe a person who is clumsy or awkward with something.

It also refers to remarks, comments, actions or behaviors that are unsuitable, unfit or inappropriate for certain situations.

Anything which is unproductive, substandard or inadequate can also be called inept.

For example, a person who doesn’t know how to use brushes and pencils would prove to be an inept painter. Similarly, cracking a joke in the middle of a business meeting would be labeled as inept behavior.

Inept: Other Grammatical Forms

Ineptly (adverb)

Ineptness (noun)

Ineptitude (noun)

Inept in a Sentence Examples

1) My housekeeper is quite inept but the only reason I’ve kept her is because her services are cheaper than most others out there.

2) The recital was quite inept at many places. They could’ve rehearsed more to make it seamless.

3) How can you be so inept even after having practiced it a hundred times?

4) You should think twice before making such inept remarks amidst such an august gathering.

5) Her mother was quite inept at handling plastic money because of which she always preferred to carry cash.

6) The government’s initiatives will turn out to be inept if people don’t cooperate during the implementation.

7) Her remark was not only odious, but also grossly inept.

8) It’s better to pay someone else more money than compromise your position by going to an inept attorney.

9) Don’t write yourself off as being an inept guitarist. Practice some more and you’ll surely get the hang of it.

10) She just can’t leave her husband to deal with her newborn because he has proved to be an inept babysitter before.

Ineptly in a Sentence Examples

1) She handled the presentation quite ineptly. It should have been allotted to someone else who was well-versed with the subject.

2) She aimed at the basket in the corner of the room but ineptly threw her clothes all over the place.

3) He had a record of pouring wine ineptly every time it was his turn to serve the guests.

4) They played so ineptly that many people started leaving the stadium in the middle of the game.

5) The report was misunderstood because it was ineptly written.

6) They lost the case because it was presented ineptly. The lawyer could have done a better job.

7) The sponsors were very unhappy because the whole event was ineptly handled.

8) They ineptly organized party turned out to be a debacle. The food ran out and it started raining too.

9) The CEO had to terminate the project because her team was using resources very ineptly.

10) The story was not just lousily written, but terribly filmed and ineptly marketed.

Ineptness in a Sentence Examples

1) The ineptness with which he functioned was shocking to say the least. It was impossible to determine how he was still being allowed to work.

2) The training sessions are being conducted to iron out the ineptness that workers are facing with the new systems that have been put in place.

3) Their ineptness is to be blamed for the damages that have been caused to the electric fittings of the house.

4) The ineptness with which she spoke Mandarin was almost endearing.

5) The failure of the project displayed nothing but his ineptness as head of department.

Ineptitude in a Sentence Examples

1) Why should a patient bear the cost of a doctor’s ineptitude?

2) She was fired from her job because she kept showing her ineptitude incessantly.

3) He is used to the ineptitude of the admin department because they’re always doing shabby work.

4) There is no reason why you should tolerate the ineptitude of your employees. If they’re not good enough, just let them go.

5) Her carelessness and ineptitude cost her boss an important client.


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