How to use Inevitable in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Inevitable in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Inevitable, Inevitably, Inevitability and Inevitableness.

Inevitable Definition and Meaning with Examples

Inevitable (adjective) means predictable or unavoidable.

The meaning refers to something which cannot be prevented no matter what measures are taken or something which is so certain that it will surely take place.

Inevitable can also refer to an expected outcome of an action.

Make a sentence with the word inevitable to suggest something that is inescapable. For example, if a garden is not watered for a week, it will inevitably or unavoidably dry up.

Inevitable: Other Grammatical Forms

Inevitably (adverb)

Inevitability (noun)

Inevitableness (noun)

Inevitable (noun)

Inevitable (adjective) in a Sentence Examples

1) Global warming is an inevitable reality that the world will have to face as a consequence of its unscrupulous actions.


2) Facing complications in relationships and coming out of it stronger is an inevitable part of growing up and living life.


3) Don’t think that turning fifty is the end of your life. Aging is an inevitable process and you have to deal with it.

4) A man is born, taken care of by his parents, grows up and eventually takes care of his parents – this is the inevitable circle of life.

5) Because he is the son of such a big superstar, comparison between their acting abilities is going to be inevitable.


6) Since there have been no rains this year, a famine is going to be inevitable especially in the areas surrounding the Sahara desert.

7) If he refuses to abstain from chain smoking, lung cancer is going to be inevitable.

8) The weather department says that the storm is inevitable but the best we can do is to take precautionary measures to protect ourselves.

9) Considering the amount of makeup she uses on a daily basis, the darkening and deterioration of her skin is inevitable.

10) Once a king rises to power and reigns for a few decades, his eventual downfall will become inevitable.


Inevitably in a Sentence Examples

1) The remake of the western classic is expected to be inevitably compared to its original.

2) I went to him with an audacious proposal and he inevitably refused to fund it. I shouldn’t have gone in the first place.

3) The question of who will take care of our grandparents inevitably popped up when the family met for dinner.

4) My daughter will inevitably fall asleep by nine in the night because she has been up since early morning.

5) You may not accept it, but the fact that you are not working hard will inevitably affect your performance at the end of the year.

6) Worry inevitably enters a father’s mind when he knows that his daughter is out partying with her friends late in the night.

7) Suspicion will inevitably creep in your girlfriend’s mind if you have already cheated on her once.

8) The decisions taken by the government right now are going to inevitably bring destruction to the current economy.

9) I knew that she was inevitably going to suffer because she was dating a man who was totally incompatible.

10) Your manager will have a different opinion because of which the project might get inevitably delayed.

Inevitability in a Sentence Examples

1) The scariest part about cancer is not the inevitability of death, but how soon and randomly it will arrive.


2) No one can fight the inevitability of death but it is up to an individual to embrace life with as much gusto as possible.

3) The inevitability of war was irrefutable. But nations must get together to find solutions.

4) We knew the inevitability of the contagious virus spreading all over the country if appropriate measures were not taken in time.

5) The news headlines of the day point towards nothing but the inevitability of controversy and speculation regarding stocks.


Inevitableness in a Sentence Examples

1) Instead of fighting the inevitableness of bullying in school, you should empower your child to deal with the menace.


2) The king suspected the inevitableness of his decline and took decisions to be able to make a graceful exit from his throne.

3) I hate the inevitableness of squabbling with a customer service representative every time I have to get a product replaced.

4) You have to be prepared to face the inevitability of the consequences of your actions. You cannot run away from what you have done.

5) The intrepid travelers were warned about the inevitability of a few physiological symptoms that usually occur after climbing a mountain peak.


Inevitable (noun) in a Sentence Examples

1) Why do you want to fight with elements of life that are inevitable and absolutely out of your control?

2) Teenagers are puking everywhere, neighbors are complaining about the noise and the house is in a mess – the inevitable has happened now that the party is over.

3) No one can defy the inevitable – this dialogue became one of the most popular ones ever.

4) As the clock struck twelve, everyone waited for the inevitable to happen with bated breath.

5) As humans use natural resources indiscriminately, they forget that the inevitable will happen soon.

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