Ingratiate in a Sentence with easy to understand Examples

How to use Ingratiate in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Ingratiate, Ingratiated, Ingratiating, Ingratiation and Ingratiatory.

Ingratiate Definition and Meaning with Examples

Ingratiate (verb) means to flatter or win over someone. It refers to the act of getting in someone’s good books.

To play up to someone and become a sycophant can be described by ingratiate.

Putting purposeful effort in being nice and agreeable with others to fulfill selfish needs is what ingratiation is all about.

When a student carries a teacher’s books for her all the way to her office, he might be ingratiating himself with her to win a favor. The same stands for an employee who may be ingratiating himself with her boss to bag the next promotion.


Ingratiate: Other Grammatical Forms

Ingratiated (verb)

Ingratiating (verb)

Ingratiation (noun)

Ingratiatory (adjective)

Ingratiate in a Sentence Examples

1) Instead of wasting time trying to ingratiate yourself with everyone at school, why don’t you spend more time working on your own personality?

2) Since we are moving to a new country, we will have to ingratiate ourselves with the locals.

3) People who aren’t competent and talented often try to ingratiate themselves with the people around them.

4) She might look like a nondescript but she knows how to ingratiate herself with anyone she needs to work with.

5) There is no need to ingratiate yourself in everyone’s opinion. You must have a voice of your own.


6) They are like chameleons who’ll ingratiate themselves with whatever you say and hide their real intentions.

7) You’ll be able to ingratiate yourself with your teacher by bringing her flowers and cards but that’s not going to establish a real relationship.

8) Trying to ingratiate the judge is not the best idea to go about the case.

9) Since he has lost his corporate position, he has no option but to ingratiate himself with his superiors and just move on.

10) He knows how to ingratiate himself with the audience and thank them profusely – all under the facade of nicety.


Ingratiated in a Sentence Examples

1) He ingratiated himself with his boss so well that he’s getting a promotion pretty soon.


2) Instead of confronting his enemies, he has always ingratiated himself with them. This has made things less tense and volatile.

3) She was a quick learner. She ingratiated herself with her manager before any of the other new recruits had a chance.


4) The party ingratiated itself with the people of the town to win their votes. But once they won, all the promises were forgotten.

5) She ingratiated herself with her neighbor so well that she could get her to anything she wanted.


Ingratiating in a Sentence Examples

1) This letter sounds way too ingratiating. Tone it down a bit so that you don’t come across as a sycophant.


2) He hasn’t stopped ingratiating himself with his colleagues at work. He’ll do anything to make sure he is accepted by everyone.

3) She is presenting the exact analysis that the CEO wants to hear. Such an easy way to ingratiate herself with the board, isn’t it?

4) If all these gifts and chocolates are merely about ingratiating yourself with me, forget about it. I’m not going to get swayed by your gestures.

5) The journalist extorted a brilliant story out of me by ingratiating himself with me.

Ingratiation in a Sentence Examples

1) She quit her job because she was sick of all the office politics and ingratiation.

2) Ingratiation is going to be her first step towards climbing the corporate ladder.

3) The only purpose of all her efforts seems to be ingratiation. Anybody can see through her.

4) The book is about the art of ingratiation and how to become your manager’s favorite without being too over the top.

5) Ingratiation is not the only thing which will help you to get to the top. You’ll have to follow it up with some real hard work too.

Ingratiatory in a Sentence Examples

1) Her ingratiatory statement was enough to win her boss over.

2) She agreed to what he said, titled her head and smiled in her usual ingratiatory style.

3) Everyone in our office seems to be involved in some sort of ingratiatory activity to bag that promotion.

4) His ingratiatory approach is alright for the short-term, but it’s not something that he can rely on all the time.

5) Gifts are just ingratiatory ways of getting your work done.

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