Innocuous: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Innocuous in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Innocuous, Innocuously, Innocuousness and Innocuity.

Innocuous Definition and Meaning with Examples

Innocuous (adjective) means harmless or innocent.


In usage, the word refers to something which is not toxic, dangerous or obnoxious.


Innocuous can also refer to anything which is mild, unremarkable, tame or bland in nature.


Form a sentence with the word innocuous to suggest something which doesn’t evoke intense emotions. Associate it with a casual comment, harmless medicine, innocent person, unremarkable question, tame reaction or inoffensive remark.


Innocuous: Other Grammatical Forms

Innocuously (adverb)

Innocuousness (noun)

Innocuity (noun)


Innocuous in a Sentence Examples

1) His intentions seem noble from the outside, but they are not innocuous at all. Be very careful while dealing with him.


2) The medicines are innocuous but not for children below the age of two. Ask your pediatrician before you use them for your daughter.


3) We had an innocuous discussion about politics where we spoke openly about all the political parties and the controversies that they were involved in.


4) Don’t think so much, it’s just an innocuous question which needs a flippant answer.


5) After she has become CEO, she has lost touch with innocuous talk and a carefree life. She has to be on her guard all the time.


6) I don’t know why an innocuous act like helping a child has gathered so much negative press.


7) If such an innocuous letter can cause a furor in the parliament, I don’t know how they would deal with a real controversy.


8) What seemed like an innocuous infection turned out to be the beginning of an untreatable disease, much to the surprise of the doctors.


9) The herbal cream was supposed to be innocuous but I was a little wary to apply it directly to my open wound.


10) How can you term any piece of gossip as innocuous? It may be harmless to you but it can be extremely hurtful to the person involved.


Innocuously in a Sentence Examples

1) She may have made the comment of moving homes innocuously but her family took it very seriously and got worried.


2) The discussion started innocuously but ended up in a vicious fight.


3) While it may seem that the government is supporting this philanthropic initiative innocuously, there may be many ulterior motives to it.


4) The film opens innocuously with camaraderie of team but becomes eerier and more thrilling as the story proceeds.


5) An innocuously written letter outlining the cleanliness measures was sent by the committee. The tone was deliberately kept mild to avoid offending authorities.


6) You shouldn’t join politics if an innocuously made remark can hurt you so badly.


7) She tends to lie innocuously when she wants other people to do her work. She doesn’t mean to harm or offend anyone.


8) All the gardening tools including the shovels, hoes and rakes lied innocuously in the porch after she finished doing the garden.


9) The sting operation was carried out so innocuously that no one came to know that an expose of such high national importance was being executed.


10) It’s okay to say innocuously stupid things as long as in you are in front of your parents.


Innocuousness in a Sentence Examples

1) The government dismissed the matter because of its apparent innocuousness. Little did they know that they were ignoring a matter which would turn out to be very complex in the future.


2) The innocuousness of the vaccine will have to be proved before it can be recommended by gynecologists for widespread use.


3) I chose to debate against the so-called innocuousness of occasional drinking which many people have come to believe in.


4) The innocuousness of this herb has been proved by various experiments and lab researches. You can safely mix it in your drink.


5) I wonder why her father got angry so abruptly, considering the innocuousness of her casual remark.


Innocuity in a Sentence Examples

1) Even if the innocuity of the tablet has been proved, I think you should ask your doctor to check with a senior expert once again.


2) The chairman doubted the innocuity of the inquiry. He was suspicious of his rivals plotting something against him.


3) The company wanted the advertising campaign to create awareness and promote the innocuity of their new product – a mosquito repellent for children.


4) The innocuity of his tweet was completely overlooked after the media misquoted it and offered absurd interpretations.


5) I saw total innocuity in the subject of the film, even though it had to be shown to kids under the age of fourteen.

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