How to use Inquisitive In A Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Inquisitive in a sentence:- Sentence examples or Inquisitive, Inquisitively, Inquisitiveness and Inquisition.

Inquisitive: Definition and Meaning

Inquisitive (adjective) means curious or questioning.

The word refers to a person who has a lot of inclination to learn about different things.

Inquisitive can gain a negative connotation when it is used for describing a person whose curiosity is offensive or intrusive.

Form a sentence with inquisitive to describe a person who views everything with investigative scrutiny or has a habit of asking too many questions. Associate it with enthusiastic students, curious children, probing detectives or prying friends.

Inquisitive: Other Grammatical Forms

Inquisitive (adverb)

Inquisitively (noun)

Inquisitiveness (noun)

Inquisition (noun)

Inquisitive in a Sentence Examples

1) The kids were so inquisitive about the experiment that their science teacher had a tough time keeping her project a surprise.

2) Her inquisitive streak was fuelled further when she started discovering one fishy clue after the other. She knew that there was some trouble brewing.

3) My dog became inquisitive about what was in my bag. It seems like he sniffed out the goodies I bought for him from the supermarket.

4) He doesn’t mind his father-in-law’s being inquisitive towards his business. But that doesn’t mean he is answerable for every question asked to him.

5) His inquisitive mind is the reason he is a scientist today. He likes to know the workings of every single thing that lies in front of his eyes.

6) The teacher designed innovative assignments in order to hone the inquisitive nature of her students.

7) The corporate culture of the organization is very congenial because it encourages inquisitive employees to speak up.

8) The father thinks that his son is not inquisitive enough to become a researcher or a PhD candidate.

9) Being inquisitive about adventure sports, she grabbed the first chance to go bungee jumping on her visit to New Zealand.

10) Stop behaving like an inquisitive little child and asking me what’s in all those pretty boxes.

Inquisitively in a Sentence Examples

1) When my mother mentioned that she had a date, I looked at her inquisitively expecting her to dole out more information.

2) She asked her mother about the biological process of procreation very inquisitively and her mother was only happy to teach her the essentials of human life.

3) The professor liked students who asked questions inquisitively and learnt through interaction rather than books alone.

4) Seeing his father getting dressed to step out of the house, he looked at him inquisitively, hoping to get a reply.

5) Fans are always inquisitively hungry for more information about their favorite celebrities.

6) As the baby looked towards the toy in my hand inquisitively, my heart melted and I cocooned him in my arms.

7) I was forced to behave inquisitively and ask questions that I didn’t really want to. After all, my sister was not speaking up and someone had to know what was going on.

8) The members of the media behaved a bit too inquisitively at the press conference. They shouldn’t have asked the business tycoon about the women he was intimate with.

9) The way she ran the inquiry so inquisitively convinced me that she was born to be a sleuth.

10) She looked around the restaurant inquisitively, waiting for the hosts to arrive so the she could launch a slew of queries to them about the place.

Inquisitiveness in a Sentence Examples

1) She has the inquisitiveness of a small child. Unless she is satisfied with your answer, she will keep asking you questions.

2) The strange way in which she mixed different ingredients in her gravy piqued my inquisitiveness about the recipe.

3) Adults tend to lose their inquisitiveness for the good things in life as they grow up. They must ensure that their childlike curiosity always stays.

4) If you don’t put a stop to her unnecessary questions, her inquisitiveness will increase to the point of being annoying.

5) My son’s inquisitiveness was evident from the way he was looking at each Lego piece carefully.

6) His scientific inquisitiveness got the better of him and he opened up their entire food processor to see how it was assembled.

7) My daughter’s indefatigable inquisitiveness about the human body tires me after a point. I wonder how her teacher tolerates her.

8) What started off as a conversation full of curiosity and inquisitiveness, ended up as an intrusion to their privacy.

9) The only reason their general knowledge was so good was because they were brimming with inquisitiveness all the time.

10) Her inquisitiveness got the better of her and she fired a query at him, delving right into his personal space.

Inquisition in a Sentence Examples

1) The police inquisition was exhaustive and lasted for five good hours.

2) His habit of inquisition knew no bounds. Once he got interested in something, he wouldn’t let it go until he knew everything about it.

3) If your children ask you anything inquisitively, you should encourage them to have a curious mind rather than put them down for being too pesky.

4) As soon as she came home, her husband launched into an inquisition about her whereabouts.

5) Thank God my parental inquisition was over sooner than expected. Else, I would have pulled my hair out.

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