Use Innuendo In A Sentence in a Sentence Examples

How to use Innuendo in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Innuendo.

Innuendo: Definition and Meaning

Innuendo (noun) refers to a subtle insinuation or an indirect slur. It can be used to describe a comment, statement or remark of derogatory nature said in a roundabout way.

When an innuendo is read at face value, it appears innocent but reveals a subliminal meaning on deeper reflection. It is mainly used to hurt or accuse someone. Innuendos can be political, economic, sexual or social in nature.

Create a sentence with the word innuendo to suggest an insulting undertone to a conversation or a purposefully made offensive implication.

When people cannot or choose not to insult each other directly, they employ innuendos instead. For example, saying that you would never waste money on expensive wine when someone in front of you is in fact, enjoying expensive wine is an example of the use of the word innuendo.

Innuendo: Other Grammatical Forms


Innuendo in a Sentence Examples

1) The sitcom became popular because its witty dialogue played on immense innuendo that only an intelligence audience would understand.

2) She shot one innuendo after the other at me while talking to another friend. But I chose to show restraint and not get angry.

3) He wouldn’t have insulted me with an innuendo if he was brave enough. He would have had the courage to lash out at me in the open.

4) Although the film has no intimate scenes, it was not approved by the censor board because of the verbal innuendo it employed.

5) It is impossible to decipher most of his comedy because a lot of it is woven in subtle innuendo.

6) Resorting to the use of innuendo is not right in every situation. It could hurt someone even if it wasn’t intended to.

7) It was because she didn’t have the guts to tell him upfront, she used innuendo to suggest that she was hurt.

8) My little daughter could not understand most of the book because it was filled with innuendo that readers of her age were not expected to fathom.

9) Many people in office were using innuendo to suggest that he had betrayed them by attending a party thrown by the rival company.

10) The article was cleverly worded by the journalist as she used political innuendo to present her opinion.

11) If he stopped resorting to innuendo and told me what he thought in crystal clear words, it would be easier to forge a mutually agreeable path ahead.

12) Not only does he have a lethal sense of wit, but also a penchant for bitter sarcasm coupled with sharp innuendo.

13) Using scathing innuendo, my boss told me that I had not done a good job with the previous project.

14) I love watching South Park because the characters use intelligent innuendo to comment on politically and socially relevant issues.

15) Among different figures of speech and styles of conversing, my favorites are Double Entendre, Innuendo and Irony.

16) He thinks that the only way in which he can drive home a point to his son is by using innuendo which would hurt him.

17) Every time I hear this song I discover a new innuendo in its lyrics that I had never known before.

18) We weren’t sure if the editor would approve our article without making any changes because it was overflowing with innuendo.

19) The opposition is deliberately using inappropriate innuendo to provoke the minister to respond in anger and say the wrong thing.

20) I have been watching many sitcoms these days to learn how to make use of innuendo in daily conversation.

21) He is a sharp criminal lawyer. Don’t expect him to use innuendo, he will get straight to the point when he wants to say something.

22) As soon as he entered the hallway, his enemy embarrassed him with a stinking innuendo about his love life.

23) My brother is so slow and daft that he never understands any innuendo thrown at him. But that may just be a blessing in disguise.

24) Days after their innuendo throwing exercise was over, they realized that they shouldn’t have been so harsh on each other.

25) She rolled up her sleeves, curled her hands in a tight fist, squinted her eyes and walked towards me slowly – as if she was ready to hurl a biting innuendo.

26) My parents did not allow me to see many movies as a child because they were replete with visual innuendo.

27) He is a master of innuendo and can insinuate you before you even realize that you’ve been accused.

28) Our boss was feeling unjustly pressured by all the innuendo that the media was using to malign his reputation in the corporate world.

29) I browsed the internet to complete my assignment which involved citing all the classical texts which made us of innuendo and sarcasm.

30) Since she couldn’t tell her boss off directly, because of which she had to rely on the use of innuendo.

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