Interloper in a sentence

What does interloper  mean?: – A person that becomes a part of a situation where he or she is not considered to belong

Noun: -interlope

Sentence Examples: –

  • Since I have announced my marriage, my mother-in-law seems to be the interloper in arranging everything.
  • Just because I am not a seasoned musician, I feel like I am the interloper in an orchestra.
  • When you are not an actor, you certainly feel like an interloper when you visit an acting class.
  • When you are an atheist, you end up feeling like an interloper when you attend the wedding of your friend in a church.
  • Whenever you get friends in your house, and there is a serious discussion going on between you and your better half, the friend feels like an
  • When somebody moves into your house, it certainly becomes evident that he or she is the interloper in your life.
  • Although, it was nice to have female following around, but Jack felt that they have become an interloper to the kind of lifestyle that he wants to lead.

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