How to use Intrepid in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Intrepid in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Intrepid, Intrepidly, Intrepidness and Intrepidity.

Intrepid Definition and Meaning with Examples

Intrepid (adjective) means fearless or brave.

It refers to a person who shows no trepidation in approaching something which seems dangerous, scary or difficult.The word can also be used as a synonym for courageous or bold.

Add the word intrepid to your vocabulary to suggest the adventurousness of a person. Associate it with a daring hikers who climb the tallest mountains, resolutely bold journalists who venture out to war zones, dynamic colleagues who aren’t afraid of speaking their minds or gutsy CEOs who take brave decisions.

Intrepid can also be used to add a humorous effect to a sentence.

Intrepid: Other Grammatical Forms

Intrepidly (adverb)

Intrepidity (noun)

Intrepidness (noun)

Intrepid in a Sentence Examples

1) He is an intrepid traveler who cannot be stopped from going to places that seem dangerous or hazardous.

2) If you want to join the National Geographic channel as a photographer, you really need to be intrepid.

3) It was pretty intrepid of him to decide to climb the mountain even though he had been diagnosed with mild asthma.

4) It took a bunch of intrepid men to venture into the dilapidated buildings and see if anyone had been injured.

5) I am not intrepid enough to try adventure sports like scuba diving, parasailing, bungee jumping or skydiving.

6) She is an intrepid scientist who can go to any extent to collect the samples of the rare plant that she needs for her research.

7) I must say that your son is quite intrepid for his age. While other students cringe at the sight of insects, he goes ahead and picks them up.

8) Feisty and intrepid that she was, journalism was the perfect calling for her.

9) If you aren’t intrepid enough to go for the rock climbing expedition, you should be open about your feelings.

10) Knowing that he was intrepid, I knew that he would make audaciously courageous decisions for his company even though they were in the midst of a financial recession.

Intrepidly in a Sentence Examples

1) Even though they ran out of food, lost their money and couldn’t get reception on their phones, they continued to camp in the thick woods intrepidly.

2) Don’t be deceived by the looks of this little poodle. It looks frail but it can be intrepid when it wants to.

3) The government honored all those people who intrepidly ventured out of their houses to save the lives of other people.

4) Even though she had two kids and an aged mother to look after at home, she intrepidly travelled across the lengths and breaths of Scandinavia.

5) The celebrity intrepidly answered all the questions about her relationship even though she was in the midst of a raging controversy.

6) She intrepidly decided to put all her eggs in one basket and invest a chunk of her money in one stock which was speculated to rise phenomenally.

7) Armed with a map and a language guide, she went about intrepidly in the laneways of the city even though she was visiting for the first time.

8) She went into her manager’s cabin and told him intrepidly that all the team members were talking behind his back.

9) The journalist carried out the sting operation intrepidly, knowing that he could be jeopardizing his career.

10) The book was a collection of war stories narrating how the common folk fought intrepidly and reclaimed their own village.

Intrepidness in a Sentence Examples

1) His intrepidness is admirable but I wouldn’t be able to put myself in his place and live at such a high altitude.

2) You need to show intrepidness if you want to take big risks for your company and make it a market leader.

3) All the contestants showed intrepidness when they were asked to step in a pool of freezing water and stay in it for ten minutes.

4) He showed sheer intrepidness as he walked into the room full of wine cognoscenti and waxed eloquent about his favorite vintage.

5) The soldiers had no choice but to wear a facade of intrepidness and march ahead towards the battleground.

Intrepidity in a Sentence Examples

1) Your intrepidity as an adventurer is of no use if you cannot come to your family’s rescue in times of adversity.

2) You should read this book if you want to be inspired by tales of intrepidity and determination.

3) His intrepidity is his biggest asset. It has helped him not to tread unchartered territories with courage.

4) While my daughter thinks that swimming in the waters of the Pacific was an act of intrepidity, I thought it was plain stupidity.

5) The hiking group made use of the intrepidity that they had acquired from all their previous expeditions.

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