Jubilant: Meaning And Sentence Examples

How to use Jubilant in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Jubilant, Jubilantly and Jubilance.

Jubilant Definition and Meaning with Examples

Jubilant (adjective) means triumphant or overjoyed.

The word suggests excessive happiness, pride or satisfaction. Jubilant can be used to convey a high intensity of rapture or rhapsody.

‘On cloud nine’ or ‘over the moon’ are some of the popular idioms that capture the essence of this  word.

Add jubilant in your vocabulary by using it as a replacement for ecstatic or euphoric. Associate the word with a celebratory atmosphere, elated person, exhilarating moment, thrilling situation or a delightful mood.

Jubilant: Other Grammatical Forms

Jubilantly (adverb)

Jubilance (noun)

Jubilation (noun)

Jubilancy (noun)

Jubilant in a Sentence Examples

1) He is jubilant about the fact that his daughter cleared the sixth grade without any glitches, considering she is a dyslexic child.

2) The birth of her son made her family jubilant because she was able to conceive after many years of her marriage and an arduous medical intervention.

3) I was happy to see him so carefree and jubilant. He hasn’t been this thrilled in a really long while.

4) The sight of a jubilant father giving his son a shoulder ride on winning a race is indeed heart-warming.

5) The students arrived on the stage one after the other to receive their tokens. The school gave them a jubilant send-off.

6) Because of the end of the recession, all the financial newspapers are carrying a jubilant tone in their editorials today.

7) After his win in the elections, the minister jubilantly but thoughtlessly declared subsidies and grants for many rural areas.

8) The evening was made more jubilant by the exquisite fireworks at the waterfront. It will remain in my memory forever.

9) How can you appear to be so jubilant at a funeral? Your behavior is embarrassing.

10) Although the general mood was jubilant, there was something amiss in the festivity of Christmas in our house.

Jubilantly in a Sentence Examples

1) He reacted jubilantly on hearing the proposal. In fact, he seemed more excited by it then me.

2) While everyone was dancing jubilantly, the little girl sat in the corner of the room, wiping her tears.

3) The winners of the competition screamed and shouted so jubilantly that the whole neighborhood came to know about their victory.

4) The audience applauded jubilantly after his brilliant performance. The atmosphere was electrifying.

5) We screamed jubilantly as the winning team made its way to the podium to collect their medals, certificates and trophies.

6) The soldiers were welcomed home jubilantly by their community. Everyone had tears of happiness in their eyes.

7) My daughter started jumping jubilantly when she finally convinced me to take her to the mall. I bet the first place she will take me to, is the toy store.

8) Jubilantly breaking out into a birthday songs was his way of wishing his daughter a happy birthday. Everyone thought that was really sweet.

9) The kids smiled jubilantly when they were offered candies for no reason.

10) Her boyfriend jumped jubilantly when she accepted his proposal for marriage. It was quite a romantic sight.

Jubilance in a Sentence Examples

1) I was impressed by his jubilance even in such a depressing period of this life. I expected him to be down in the dumps.

2) The actor couldn’t hold his jubilance after winning the Academy Award because it was his first win in many years.

3) His jubilance inspired me to do something that would make him even happier. I wanted to make him a proud father.

4) The jubilance in my mother’s voice on the phone was palpable. I knew at once that she had won the prize.

5) I expected to feel a sadistic sense of jubilance on seeing them getting hurt, but I was surprised to find myself disappointed.

6) The mother overflowed with jubilance when she heard her child utter the words ma for the very first time. It was a special moment.

7) Although the performers were simply outstanding, it was also the jubilance and enthusiasm of the crowd that made the parade so successful.

8) Even a bout of torrential downpour was unable to dampen the jubilance of the crowd which continued partying until the wee hours of morning.

9) Their jubilance rubbed off on me and I decided to have a couple of more drinks.

10) My family’s jubilance before my performance made me nervous because I had to live up to their expectations at any cost.

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