Kibosh in a Sentence

What does kibosh mean? It means something that does not have any sense whatsoever.

Sentence Examples: –

  • If you knew how to handle this business, you would not be a kibosh about it and try and jeopardize it with your foolish undertones of sexual harassment at female workers.
  • It is important that when you start a business, you do not try and be a kibosh, but rather learn all the intricate details that go into making a successful business.
  • In order for you to get away from the entire kibosh on your household, it is very important for you to take a trip to a far-off location.
  • Just looking at the kibosh in your workplace, I can certainly say that you’re going to get into a lot of trouble from the fire and safety Department.
  • If you knew about the dirt from somebody’s past, it is important for you to not try and throw some type of kibosh over the entire deal; you might only end up making it worse.

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