Lackluster in a sentence

What does lackluster  mean?: -lacking in conviction, remaining uninspiring

Sentence Examples: –

  • since there was the lackluster response for the website, the Webmaster did not think it worthwhile to continue with the project.
  • If you are looking for a matrimonial approach from the website, you are definitely going to come across a lackluster response.
  • Do not be disheartened by having a look at the lackluster box office openings for the movie, there is certainly a lot of talent that is to be found within the movie itself.
  • Although the movie was criticized to be lackluster in its approach in the controversial subject of elections, it certainly did have a wonderful moral approach to the entire project.
  • Despite a lot of advertising done for the promotion of a product, it will only result in lackluster sales, something which even the company did not anticipate.
  • It is only due to the lackluster host that the people have not been able to enjoy the show.
  • Compared to the profits in the previous two years, this year did have a very lackluster show on the profit margin.

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