Laissez faire in a sentence

What does Laissez faire mean?: -letting things take its own course

Noun: -laissez faireism

Sentence Examples: –

  • If the people start observing the laissezfaire in the United States, sooner or later, Donald Trump is going to end up becoming the president.
  • There is a lot of happiness prevalent amongst the small business owners due to the laissezfaire policy adopted by the government.
  • It is very important for the government to step in and get rid of the laissezfaire strategy in order to save a lot of industries.
  • Various corporations need to adopt the laissezfaire so that they would be able to look into private business matters of their own.
  • If the governments would like to go for the laissezfaire approach on religion, and that would seem to be the best thing that they could possibly do.
  • Some of the best aspects that happen due to the adoption of the laissezfaire policy is that you can take your life in your own hands.

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