Largesse in a sentence

What does largesse mean? It means to shower somebody with gifts to showcase your generosity.

Sentence Examples:

  • It is primarily because of the largesse of the millionaire that over a hundred underprivileged children now have access to quality scholarships for the college.
  • Being an activist for the poor people, it was a well-known fact that Gary was a person with largesse and compassion for all the people around him.
  • If there was no largesse is the people of the people in society, there would be a lot of problems for those living in poor shelters and underprivileged households.
  • One of the main things that you find about visiting the church on a daily basis is the largesse of the people that would have otherwise neglected to do their part.
  • My grandmother happens to be a person of largesse, specifically when it has to do with the underprivileged children in her neighborhood.
  • The employer has a wonderful character and has considerable largesse for his employees; it is no wonder that attrition rates in his company are negligible.
  • A lot of people typically display their largesse when it is the holiday season, otherwise they refrain from doing anything of that sort.

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