Lassitude in a sentence

What does lassitude mean? It means having a lot of strain in the body or in the mind of a person.

Sentence Examples:

  • Experiencing lassitude after hard days of work is something not very uncommon amongst people.
  • It is very common for people to experience lassitude while getting up in the morning. It is only after a hot cup of coffee that everybody is wide awake.
  • It is often noted that my doctor has found me to complain of lassitude, and has prescribed me energy pills. However, they are yet to provide any kind of results to my life.
  • It is incredible the amount of lassitude I feel after I have not slept well. However, looking back at my sleeping history, it is nothing uncommon.
  • Since I have started to feel a lot of lassitude over the past few weeks, I have now gone for a full body checkup to my doctor. I hope the diagnosis can be done very early in case I come across any life-threatening problems.

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