Latent in a sentence

What does latent  mean?: -the quality of the state of a person that has been dormant or hidden

Noun: -latency

Sentence Examples: –

  • It is the job of the detective to get the forensic investigators on board in order to check for fingerprints with seems to be latent in the crime scene.
  • If you have any kind oflatent talent, it is important for you to groom yourself during your teenage years.
  • When you have a certain amount of latent feeling towards a certain person, chances are that you are either infatuated or in love. It is time for you to tell it to that person.
  • There is always the latent tension between the two states for the division of water, which leads to a lot of agriculture.
  • Once you can to visit this particular music camp, you will definitely come across all the latent talents that you have within you in terms of musical instruments.
  • The latent hack which was conducted on the software laid bare a lot of disturbing results, most of which have now been patched by the subsequent updates.

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