Licentious in a sentence

What does licentious  mean?: -promiscuous, no principle when it comes to sexual matters.

Noun: -licentiousness

Adjective: -nonlicentious

Sentence Examples: –

  • the prominence of Jack was mainly due to his drunken as well as licentious nature as well as his ability in order to merge with the surroundings and live peacefully with everybody.
  • When you advance onto a particular job, becoming licentious can become a liability. Unless, you happen to be the head of a ruffian group, and being licentious is something that can make up for the necessity as a member of that particular group.
  • In order to feast on the orgy and the sadistic nature of people, you would need to become licentious, and gladly become accepting of all the extravagant features that are to be found in the daily needs of people.
  • In order for you to take part in the necessary politics, becoming licentious towards your own policies is something that needs to be done in order to survive in this genre. Only then will you progress.

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