How to use Malevolent in a Sentence:Definition,Meaning with Examples

How to use Malevolent in a sentence:- Sentence examples of Malevolent, Malevolently and Malevolence.

Malevolent Definition and Meaning with Examples

Malevolent (adjective) means malicious or bitter. It can be used to describe a person who has venomous feelings towards others.

It can also refer to the desire of a person to inflict harm on others for selfish reasons.

Use malevolent to describe ill feelings or hostility.

Vengeful intentions, attitudes, influences, appearances and disposition of a person can be described by the word malevolent.

Malevolent: Other Grammatical Forms

Malevolently (adverb)

Malevolence (noun)

Malevolent in a Sentence Examples

1) I quit my job because I couldn’t tolerate the malevolent antics of my colleagues.

2) Social media is making the world a better place by reaching out to people who have been living in oppressive conditions under dictatorship of malevolent tyrants.

3) After looking at the way he lied and cheated his way to becoming a successful politician, I find it hard to believe that his intentions aren’t malevolent.

4) If I had a chance to be reborn, I’d like to take birth in the medieval ages. I am interested in seeing how malevolent and barbaric humans functioned were hundreds of years ago.

5) Never assume anyone’s behavior to be malevolent until you have substantial logic and reason to base your assumptions on.

6) I don’t believe in being malevolent towards others and I expect the same treatment in return.

7) The committee banned the player for six months after deeming his tackle too vicious and malevolent.

8) I want to bring about change by exposing all the malevolent business practices in this country.

9) She forbade her son from hanging out with his newfound friend because she was certain that he would be a malevolent influence on him.

10) Get your facts right and make sure you educate yourself thoroughly. Don’t allow your malevolent colleagues to ruin your presentation.

Malevolently in a Sentence Examples

1) She dumped him after he could no longer afford her extravagant habits. He had never foreseen his relationship ending so malevolently.

2) I’ve lived a happy life so far but I regret some of the decisions that I made malevolently when I was young and immature.

3) Always remain highly motivated but never let your burning desire to fulfill your ambitions let you act malevolently.

4) I have cut off many people from my life. I’m sick and tired of being nice people who behave malevolently while pretending to be friends.

5) Everyone held the race car driver responsible for the tragic accident. Slow motion replays revealed that he had malevolently swerved in the way of the rookie’s path who was fatally injured in the crash.

6) The management forced him to resign after it was established that he malevolently plotted to frame his colleagues for his own wrongdoings.

7) The school had a strict policy against bullying. Anyone who behaved malevolently with other students was immediately suspended.

8) Behaving malevolently is not going to help you be successful in life.

9) The government began cracking down on rogue traders who malevolently deceived clients by selling fake investment schemes.

10) She has a tendency to malevolently plot against colleagues she doesn’t like and get them ousted from the team.

Malevolence in a Sentence Examples

1) It is one thing to be shrewd in business but it is another to act in malevolence. Don’t let money overpower your ethics.

2) I could sense the malevolence in his tone. I will never trust him again.

3) The film’s script did a brilliant job at depicting the frightening malevolence of the lead character in the movie.

4) Malevolence is his forte. Everyone knows him as a person who will do whatever it takes to have his way.

5) Life will always make you pay for malevolence. Karma will catch up to you.

6) Greed for money and hunger for power give rise to malevolence.

7) Never let malevolence and rancor impair your judgment when you’re dealing with people. You are likely to make the wrong decisions if you do so.

8) I will never be able to forgive my best friend for malevolently deceiving me and taking advantage of my generosity.

9) Fight your enemies with courage, not malevolence.

10) The cashier knew something wasn’t right the moment the robber stepped into the convenience store. There was a look of malevolence in his eyes.

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